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The aims of my observation were to record behaviour in a public house and see the difference of activity of the sexes.

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Observation Aim: The aims of my observation were to record behaviour in a public house and see the difference of activity of the sexes. Sample: The population of my sample was a small one (around 15+ to 25 people) and had quite an even balance of female and male. However it had an age bias as many of the people were of an age of 18-25. Furthermore we only recorded behaviour in one area and one room of the public house so the area in which I recorded behaviour in was a small area. Categories: Activity Playing on phone Fruit machine Juke box Smoking Bar Toilet Poole General Behaviour Aggression Flirting Toileting together Coding: The coding system I used was event sampling (measuring the amount of times behaviour occurs) the observation schedule I used was . . . I recorded the information in a tally chart so it was easy to analysis and the data would be quantitive making the data quick to record and it would also be quite discreet. ...read more.


The most popular activity that took place was smoking for the males they were recorded smoking 8 times did in the 10 minuets, however it was only recorded 3 times for the females smoked in the 10 minuets which so a large gap between the sexes showing the females who were there were non-smokers or didn't smoke as frequently as the males. The most popular activity for the females was playing on their phone as girls were recorded playing on them 6 times, similarly so did the boys they were also recorded playing on there phone 6times. Closely followed by going to the toilet, in which they were recorded doing this 5 times. The least popular activity for males was going on the fruit machine and juke box as not one male was recorded doing any of these activities, although the girls were recorded doing these activities twice each. This shows there was little interest in solitary activities or background activities. The least popular activities for females was Poole as only once was a female recorded playing Poole, this was closely followed by the bar as the females were only twice recorded visiting the bar. ...read more.


Alternative measures: We could of measured the aim differently by recording the types of behaviour differently we could of describe each persons behaviour separately or could of given more options of behaviour. We could of used time sampling as this could help to improve the outcome of our results as we could of seen how certain behaviour develops as time gets on. Reliability: I feel my observation would be easy to repeat as it is straight forward and easy to partake in. as it requires little resources, little time and effort to do. If someone else tried to repeat the study around the same age group I feel the results will be about the same as the behaviours recorded were often expected as they have already been generalised happen. He results will also remain the same as there were no abnormalities regarding the behaviour what took place. In my observation I also had another observer with me we had inter-rate reliability increasing validity of the study as we were unlikely to miss anything. ...read more.

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