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The Destructors and The Lumber Room

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The Destructors and The Lumber Room Both short stories, "The Destructors", by Graham Greene, and "The Lumber Room", by Saki, deals with children and how they live their lives. The two stories deals with completely different group of kids. Graham Greene, in his story, narrates the days of a rebellious boys gang and discusses topics such as leadership, whilst Saki tells the story of a very intelligent little boy, which gets punished and makes use of this situation in his advantage by a very intelligent way. In his short story, Saki tries to portray the relationship between adults and children and show how sometimes adults can act so incorrectly before children. Graham Green's short story is set on post-war London and talks about several different themes including leadership, in my opinion, the most important and relevant one. ...read more.


Children grow to be the consequence of what is offered to them where they live, what they are used to, what they see on their daily life. For example, this gang, they grew up during war time, therefore they became violent individuals with no sense of peace or compassion for others. On the other hand, Saki's short story shows the relationship between adults and children. In my opinion, Saki is trying to convey the message of how children may be much smarter than adults sometimes and how adults may act to incorrectly in children's presence. For example, in "The Lumber Room" Nicholas, a young boy gets punished for telling his aunt that there was a frog in his breakfast and later we discover he put the frog there himself. ...read more.


When his aunt decides to look for him, thinking he had disobeyed her and falls in the rainwater tank, she starts crying for help and Nicholas won't help her, as he was forbidden in the gooseberry garden in the first place. Nicholas twists all his aunt's words and he describes her as "the Evil One" that is tempting him so he will get into trouble. The author makes out of Nicholas a very interesting character, probably what Saki is trying to do is remembering the readers of their childhood by reading a small part of a smart little boy's life. Both stories deal with children, but in totally different manners. Greene deals with a small problem of society, the boys which grew in war time and Saki deals with a less concerning factor, a boy which makes from his punishment a great adventure. ?? ?? ?? ?? Marina Burnett 9C ...read more.

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