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The idea of hot housing is to improve a child's mind by challenging the way they think.

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The idea of hot housing is to improve a child's mind by challenging the way they think. This could be done in numerous ways but the main idea was to start teaching a child from a very young age, using flash cards. A man called Glen Doman introduced these cards, and they were simple with a particular word or picture on them. People working with these believed they could change a person who is: A Poor-performer, into an average An average, into a superior A superior, into a Nobel Prize winner. I don't think these people believed in genetics and nature being the only things to determine a person's intelligence. They asked questions such as Is life expectancy genetically determined, or can you extend it? Can you improve IQ, systematically? At one point in the video, Glen Doman proclaimed that genetics are rubbish. He thought geniuses could be taught and said, "All children have the capacity to become geniuses." ...read more.


When they were shown reading complicated words off a flashcard, I think that they had just learnt it off by heart, what the word is, what it sounds like and how to say it. I'm almost sure that they have no awareness of what the words mean or what it is. I admire 'normal' education that I grew up along. Everything makes sense the way it is. The first few years of a child's life should be spent having fun and adapting to the world around them. 'Normal' education satisfies this, where children go to nursery in primary school. Here, they learn basic things like the names of colours and letters in the alphabet and writing their name. However, it isn't all work. They also enjoy themselves by playing and participating in different activities such as cooking and cleaning games, house and pretend games, Lego and building blocks etc. Moreover, this only goes on for a few hours during the weekday, instead of 24 hours a day like hot housing. ...read more.


Still, some of the things they were doing really impressed me, especially the part when they are playing a violin and follow the leader at the same time. I would not be able to play an instrument fluently let alone do other things along with it at the same time. They showed something else that was meant to be impressive but it did not impress me at all. It was when the woman played a CD and asked the child to name the composer. She answered correctly but I think she had just memorised the answer and probably wasn't really aware of what the purpose of music is, or what a composer is. In her mind, she was just focused on remembering what answer goes with what sound. So overall, I definitely do not agree with hot housing. There were only a few things that impressed me but mostly, the things just made me angry. Especially the way the mothers were happy to be respected because of their children' brains. A mother should be proud of her child no matter what. Farzana Jalil 10N 08/03/02 ...read more.

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