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To record the gross motor skills of the year 2 children in the class using graphs and charts. I will evaluate my findings using the average development stage of children age 7.

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Observation 6: Gross motor skills - graphs and charts. 6th June 2002 11:30 - 12:30 3rd session - PE Aim To record the gross motor skills of the year 2 children in the class using graphs and charts. I will evaluate my findings using the average development stage of children age 7. Setting The primary school, in which I am working, is situated on a campus with a sports centre; a community school and a 6th form college. It has 6 junior classes and 3 infant classes. There is a class room assistant and a teacher for each class. On a Thursday and a Friday there are 2 students working in the infants. There are a various number of parent helpers visiting on different days of the week. In Mrs K's class there are 7 year 2 girls, 5 year 2 boys and 16 year 1's. I will be working with the year twos in this observation; this is only to make things easier for myself. In year 2 there are a range of abilities and many children are at different developmental stages. All the children I am working with are 7. During today's PE lesson I will take some year 2's and ask them to do simple tasks, which will test their gross motor skills. ...read more.


Learning for me The children all worked diffrently and on different levels. I learnt a lot from with class 1 / 2 K and this was a typical session. Everyone in the class has different view on things and even though there are definant social groups every one is friends with everyone else. The teachers and other staff need to practice anti-discriminatory and anti-bias practice. It is important to portray equal opportunities. Children are to be treated equally but at the same time their personal needs need to be taken into consideration. In class 1 / 2 K there are friends who are in definite social groups then there are groups that inter-change and mix with the whole of the infant's school. This observation points out how children can work together to the get tasks completed. They all work together to form a good team. It is a clear that the team works well; they all have roles to play. There's the team leader Hannah, the quick thinker Erica and the "do-er" Lydia who always works hard to complete necessary tasks. Shannell is a hard worker and tries to fit in even if she doesn't always understand. ...read more.


It is important to get the age and stage right for the children you are working with, activities that are too hard will be discouraging and the child will feel as it is failing. Children can learn from new activities and experiences that are interesting and a little bit challenging. I feel that I accomplished my aim. I observed the children while they completed their task, and I recorded development levels and observed gross motor skills. The children have good hand-eye co-ordination that enables them to control the movements of limbs. Many of the children have strong determination and strong individualities and as a consequence they always try to do they're best even if they do have a few disagreements. In this observation I discovered that the children like to work as a team but also like to express themselves with feeling and expression. The children displayed the correct development levels for the average 7 yr. the concrete operational stage, which means they can think with a concrete structure but they need concrete evidence which they base their thoughts and structures. In his stages of development Piaget states that children of the concrete operational stage can think in a logical way but their thinking depends upon concrete sources. Lydia does this in most of the activities and tasks that she has to face. She thinks for herself if given the correct encouragement. ...read more.

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