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Training for a Life Time

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Training for a Life Time - (Question C) "Thinking back to the happy moments in India, this photo reminds me of all the memories of the little village Kumar, near the Himalayas. It seemed only a short time ago since I have finished my A-Levels, when I had the fortunate opportunity to take a gap year. When I believed that I have made the right decision, I decided to take a gap year to India. I wanted to learn more about life before I begin University and get a job. There are many wonderful places for me to choose from before I began the course: France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Spain and so on. And yet out of all the possible places to choose from, I chose the poorest, most difficult course of them all - India. Ok, I shall start telling the story:" I told my parents that I would be going soon. They have always strongly opposed my idea of taking a gap year, they always said I was wasting my time - but I believed in myself, I knew that this trip would help me expand my knowledge of different cultures and meanings of life. I can still remember myself getting out of a 747 Boeing jumbo jet in India, I stepped out of the aircraft and sniffed the warm, refreshing breeze. ...read more.


Life in the Kumar village is getting better everyday. I had a lot of fun planting rice and harvesting it, my feet got all muddy in the evening, so I had to wash under springs in the family's back garden. I also taught the children how to play rugby. I gave them training lessons of passing, running with the ball and shooting accurately, which they learnt amazingly quickly, it was probably because of the massive amount of exercise they have been brought up in. One morning I was woken up by the noises from the children's room I rushed next door quickly and wondered what happened. I grabbed one of them and asked them what happened by pointing my hands into either direction in the air to show a sign of suspicion; he pointed to his scraped and dented alarm clock, then pointed to the rest of his brothers and sisters, who were putting on their clothes hurriedly. I immediately got the message, they were late for school and they had to worry! I helped some of them get dressed and led them out of the room, breaking into a sprint. I was surprised at how strongly built some of their leg muscles were. ...read more.


I have only just taught one of them how to ride it when the driver approached me and said it was time for me to leave. As the coach drove away I waved slowly at the red and watery faces of sorrow and sadness, I couldn't help my stomach lurching and tears squirting from the corners of my swelling eyes. I took the same long journey to the airport and got on the same 747 jet. As the wheels of the jet screeched, they lurched the aircraft forwards. The giant, metal bird lifted itself at full blast from the runway and soared through the starry night, leaving the Kumar village further and further behind... "This photo was taken 50 years ago. If it hadn't been my decision to take on the gap year, my desired University would not have accepted me into their education, and then I wouldn't have got my Law degree and became a lawyer. I wonder what they are like now? They must be about 60 years old by now; some of them might have become a parent or even a grandparent! I would really like to meet them again... Anyway David, listen to grandpa, this story teaches you one thing that is very important: If you have an opportunity in life, TAKE IT or you will regret. Get the idea? Ok, it is getting late now. I'll tuck you into bed." Lok-Ting Lui 29/4/2007 ...read more.

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