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Was It A Good Idea To Evacuate Children In WWII?

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Was It A Good Idea To Evacuate Children In WWII? What Was Operation Pied Piper? Operation pied piper was the operation in which hundreds of thousands of children were evacuated away from big industrialised cities and transported into small countryside villages. This was done because the government feared bombing attacks on the big cities, so they believed that the children would come to less harm if they were away from this. The children were transported by train, which was a new experience for many of them, they also saw trees and animals such as cows for the first time in their lives. Once they had arrived at their destination they were given a medical check and they were then lined up and the villagers chose which child they wanted to take home with them. The children who looked strong were chosen first because they could work on farms, unfortunately, many of the children were malnourished and sickly looking, which discouraged families from choosing them, this was quite a harrowing experience for many. ...read more.


How did children feel about being evacuated? The children faced up to the reality of being evacuated with a mixture of fear and excitement. It was quite exciting for some of the older children, as most had never been away from home before, let alone visited the countryside. This was their chance to see trees and farm animals for the first time, also to experience the smells of the country. The children very often came from a poor background, so this was their chance to eat well and have fun. This excitement would be tinged with fear and the worry of rejection, as they had no idea where they were going or the type of family they would be placed with, they also did not know when they would see their parents again. Some of the smaller children were very afraid, they were very young to be leaving their parents, and many did not want to go. ...read more.


Many people were killed and buildings distroyed, fires broke out and there was chaos. Was evacuation a good idea? The evacuation of children during the war was a good idea I believe as it protected human life, and ensured that there would be a new generation of British people. It did cause upset to some families as the children found it difficult to settle when they returned home, they had grown used to living in the country, and had grown attached to their substitute parents. It had been a pleasant experience for them as they had enough food to eat for the first time in their lives and had experienced the thrill of seeing the countryside, and breathing fresh air instead of smoky fumes. Other children were very traumatised by their experience, as they had been abused and badly treated whilst they were away, they would have no pleasant memories of their evacuation. The evacuation was necessary and it did save many lives, as during the blitz the loss of life was very heavy. ...read more.

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