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Work Experience Essay, assisting in a primary school.

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Work Experience Essay Plan B Before I went on my work experience, there was a bit of preparation to do in my social education class and English. In S.E. where I did most of my work on work experience, I filled in sheets about my qualities and what I am good and not good at. We also answered questions about what we would do during safety hazards or in emergencies. During the end of our S.E. lessons, I was finally handed my work placement choice forms. I choose primary teaching as a first choice because I love working with children as I have a special needs brother and I get a lot of experience with him, as a second choice I chose waitressing because I thought if I got that job I would get tips and lastly hairdressing as a third. Three weeks before my work experience I was told that I had got my first choice Glebelands Primary School. I had not much planning to do, I would leave my house at 8.15 am and get the bus which was about 6 stops away, I would go to the shop for my dinner and I would wear black trousers and any top. I was confident everything was going to be in order. I was excited the day before because I was going somewhere new and was going to meet new people. ...read more.


The paint had that plastic smell and obviously was the same paint I used at that age. I found it a bit difficult at first as all the children were staring at me and I could not help but smile when the children called me Miss Young. I helped the children that day with their schoolwork, which was ABC's and 123's. I was to control and supervise them into pairs when they were to hang or collect their coats. I mostly handed out work. I used the computer and helped those children who were to play the computer that day how to use the mouse. I remember thinking about when I was at primary and enjoying having a classroom assistant. At the end of the day I read a story to the children and involved them by asking them what they thought would happen next. I was surprised when I felt embarrassed as these children were 5 years old and they probably would not even think about criticising the way I read to them if I did make any mistakes. I could not wait until the next day. When the next day came I finally got to mark some work which I wanted to do ever since I got to the placement and found it wasn't as pleasant as I thought it would. ...read more.


I finished the portrait of Frankie the boy I drew round. I also helped those with unfinished work to catch up and play a game. I was surprised that the children were not upset when I told them I was leaving but I told one girl personally and she started to ask questions, "Why?" and, "Where are you going?" I wanted to stay and do that forever but obviously I could not. Friday changed me so much. It made me realise that I do want to be a primary teacher and I enjoy working with children. I told the children I see them again and I gave them all two sweets each. I learned on my work placement at Glebelands Primary School that being a teacher is very tiring as I was on my feet all day and that I cannot bring my problems to work because the children notice it and they become sad too. I learned that as a worker I work better than I do at school, I think it must have been because I enjoyed my work experience. The work placement inspired me to be a hard worker and that I do really want to be a primary teacher. The children seemed to enjoy their work and this made me enjoy my work experience. My personal response is a very good one. To see children looking so happy and hardworking is a very good impression to visitors. I would defiantly recommend this work placement to the future 4th years. ...read more.

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