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All life is living in shadows Discuss

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 �All life is living in shadows� Discuss All life is living in the shadows" means, we can only ever get different perceptions of the world but never access reality itself.  In the allegory of the cave, Plato journey talks about people living in a cave who can only see shadows on the walls, with that being their �reality, having to make conclusions about life and the world from what they can see. They can only assume what the world is like outside the cave. The phrase means that just like the prisoners in Plato�s analogy of the cave, humans can only see shadows and cannot actually see truth. ...read more.


To be truly enlightened and see the truth people must ignore what is in front of them, ignoring the desires of life such as fame and power and delve into deeper meanings, searching for true answers; spending time on what is really important in life. The cave represents how as humans, people are limited, by their senses, only being able to see things with their ?sensory perception? with there simply being no other way of getting out and seeing the world in another way. People think they understand the world but they don?t really and never know how things really are. ...read more.


The soul searches for pure knowledge and is more capable and superior than the body, with the body being a prison for our soul and when the body dies the soul would live in in the realm of ideas, as ideas and knowledge never die. What we think is reality only imitates truth and is far from perfect representations of our ideals. ?Reality? the material world which the body belongs to is only a mere reflection of the world of ideals and creating imperfect versions of the perfection in the ideal world. ...read more.

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