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Explain how this teaching about discipleship might affect the life of a Christian today.

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Explain how this teaching about discipleship might affect the life of a Christian today. (A02) Disciples today are called Christians. As a disciple we must know what vocation means for ourselves as it can mean different things for different people. Once we are baptised we enter the Christian family and we become disciples of Jesus. All baptised Christians therefore have an obligation to live out their vocation. Parents prove to be a good example as they do this by teaching their children about God and by showing them a good example to follow. Priests also prove to be a good example as their vocation is to preach and teach to his or her people and to serve them as best he can. Also a teacher has a vocation to look after his students and to prepare them for life and exams. To live out their vocation properly, Christians should develop these four following areas: service, prayer, faith and worship, the same way in which the first disciples did in Mark's Gospel. ...read more.


This would suggest that instead of always being served by other people, you should also serve. Service is therefore a very important aspect of the Christian Lifestyle and it is continuing the work of Jesus. Prayer is also a very important part of Christian Lifestyle today. Some people believe that in order to live out their vocation they must know God better and they must have a better relationship with him, and they have to pray more to him. People can pray to God at various times; at mass, in the morning, at night, at school or privately on their own. This, however, is not always the case. Many people neglect prayer and let materialism, commercialism and other various things get in their way of prayer. For some people the only prayer time is when they are in need of something or are in some sort of trouble. This lack of prayer breaks down their relationship with God and we do not get a chance to tell him tow we are doing and feeling. ...read more.


Some would argue that discipleship is much harder for the early Christians because they suffered persecutions and death because of their faith and yet remained faithful and this is something that we can learn from. It would be fair to say that many Christians today are Christians in name only as many fail to live a Christian life and many hear the Word of God and choose to ignore it. Many do not have time to go to Mass, to pray or even worship God in the slightest way. Too many Christians are not as committed as the first disciples. Many fail to put others before themselves and to live as part of a committed community. Many are prepared to put wealth before God. Despite living in a world 2000 years after Jesus our commitment should still be the same. We are still worshipping the same God and therefore should be committed. Conclusion In conclusion there are many similarities between discipleship in Mark's Gospel and Christians today. What is needed is a strong faith and commitment to one's call and a willingness to remain faithful despite the many challenges they will face. 2 Conor McGovern Conor McGovern ...read more.

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