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In your opinion, what should ethical debate really centre on?

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In your opinion, what should ethical debate really centre on? An ethical debate should focus on many different aspects of ethics. There are many types of ethics such as, Normative ethics, Meta-ethics and descriptive ethics. Ethics is concerned about what is right, about justice and how people should live. It studies the choices that people make and values and reasoning that lies behind them. All three types of ethics, normative, descriptive and meta ethics have different morals and belief; this essay will debate on them. A normative ethic, (this can also be called evaluative and substantive) is the term that is used to describe moral behaviour is different ways. They can go by the rule in which is the way a person lives their life. A normative ethic might help to make a moral judgment. There are many types of normative ethics which show a person how they should live there life, e.g. ...read more.


An example of a descriptive ethic is: 'If you are religious, you are less likely to have a divorce. ' This statement is a generalisation therefore is not true or false. It is based on ones opinion. The statement can be checked to be through statistics to be classified as true. The statement does not make any moral judgement to whether divorce is a bad thing or whether people should be religious or not. Meta-ethics is a way of looking beyond what a moral statement means. It analyses words and concepts used in the statement. The word 'META' comes from the word 'METAPHYSICS', this the division pf philosophy takes with the vital causes and messages behind things. Meta-ethics gives an outline and deeper meaning to the questions, what is ethics? The answer goes into further depth than normative or descriptive ethics would. A meta ethical statement would be: 'What does it mean to say that something is right or wrong? ...read more.


A Descriptive ethic is the description of the way people live their lives and the choices they make. A Meta-ethic is when looking further into depth about a moral statement and why it might be right or wrong, for example. I personally think that a descriptive ethic is the most logical ethic out of the three. This is because it says that people are free to believe what they want and this leaves no room for judgment or generalisation. Whereas normative says it's what people should believe due to society e.g. 'That abortion is wrong'. This how one feels due to the subject it should not be on what society tells you. Meta-ethics is also a very clear and good way of looking at ethics but it also can lead to more problems as one would look so in to depth about the moral that it may lead to other subjects and get confusing. So in my opinion Descriptive ethic is the clearest, simplest form or ethics while looking into morals. ...read more.

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