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Outline theories on the immortality of the soul and ressurection of the body

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´╗┐Jack Bull 1. Compare and contrast the immortality of the soul and the resurrection of the body. The concept of the immortality of the soul is a dualist one, meaning that the body and soul are two separate entities. Whereas resurrection of the body is the opposite believing that one cannot necessarily live without the other. People that accept the idea of immortality of the soul believe that the soul is separate from the body and that when we die the soul will live on making it immortal. Resurrection of the body however differs because the body and soul are together and when you die both will be resurrected. Plate is a dualist and he believes the soul is not of this world but another where there are perfect forms of everything on earth. He uses the allegory of to demonstrate this idea. Prisoners are bound in a cave and cannot look out the mouth of the cave. Behind them is a fire casting shadows onto the wall they are facing. They believe these shadows to be reality. ...read more.


This is a very Christian belief because of the Bibles reference to it. On judgement day Jesus will come and those who have lived lives according to the law of God will be resurrected in a new heaven and new Earth. The resurrection of the body is spoken about by many writers in the Bible, including St Paul. There are also examples, with the most famous being Jesus rising on the third day and Jesus bringing a girl back to life after saying she was only ?sleeping.? John Hick has a slightly different variation of resurrection of the body, and postulates his ?replica theory.? Hick suggests that when we die our body and soul our lost, and that God, the omnipotent being, creates an exact replica of us in heaven. This replica can be recognised by our family and friends because we are no different. 1. To what extent is one of these a more convincing concept that the other Both, immortality of the soul and resurrection of the body, have their problems. Immortality of the soul has been challenged by many empiricists such as A.J Ayer and Richard Dawkins because of their idea of a soul. ...read more.


Heaven and hell have no empirical evidence either so there is no reason to assume people are there. Hick?s replica theory is arguable the weakest of all the ideas. In his concept God recreates an exact replica of the person that died, but why, if he is God, does it need to be a replica, if he is omnipotent should he not be able to resurrect our body? This is in a way not a life after death because the original person is dead and it is not their body that has lived on. However, it is not so much a question of whether which concept is more convincing than the other, it is more does a life after death actually exist, or have we created one? Has the human race just feared the ceasing of existence, and so to try and give hope and reason to a miserable existence? Or was it created by those who wish to keep the people in order, by making them live in fear of a hell and by giving them a reward for being good, they could create a form of social control. ...read more.

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