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Religious Studies GCSE Marriage and Relationships

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Religious Studies GCSE Coursework Assignment Two Marriage and Relationships 1. Explain the principles Christians believe should guide their personal relationships. The principles that Christians believe should guide their personal relationships are: * Trust * Tolerance * Understanding * Forgiveness * Caring * Respect The first principle that I believe should play a large role in a Christian's personal relationship is trust, without trust the couple's relationship would crumble. The whole relationship must be based on trust. The second principle I think is tolerance no matter how many problems or bad past relationships a person has had the Christian attitude is to be nice and have patience with the other person. Understanding is also needed in a relationship so that the two people involved can meet the needs and problems of the other person in the relationship. For the two people involved in the relationship, it is very important to forgive, because everybody commit sins and you should enter into a relationship knowing this. Although I have said this I do believe that some sins cannot be forgiven e.g. ...read more.


They should also try to help their partner get through this challenge or help them get by. Each person should sit down and talk to the other and tell them what is troubling them and try to understand their needs. The next belief that I mentioned in the fist question is forgiveness both of the people in a relationship must be able to forgive each other e.g. if one of the spouses commits adultery then the other should find a way to get through this problem and not want a divorce straight away. Caring is an attribute a lot of couples have naturally for each other, because you must care and love for somebody a lot to marry them in the first place. Also most couples do care for each other and use this attribute as part of everyday life although some do take it for granted and should think and appreciate some of the selfless acts that their partner does for them e.g. sacrificing something that that persons knows and loves for their partner like going out with friends to stay in and help the other do housework. ...read more.


The main problem nowadays is that people feel that divorce is the "easy way out" and don't take the time to work through their marital problems. I believe that people that practise the Christian faith should always try their best to sort out any marriage problems they may have, I think that it is better for both man and wife to be happy together than to be miserable together. In a Christian marriage, the couple do not necessarily have to divorce because separation and co-operation is another option. This would be, for example, if the couple had a child and the father left them, but kept regular contact with his wife and children, or even just the child the couple could maintain a friendly relationship with each other. Marriage is a sacrament for a reason and should be given the respect it deserves. The promises the couple make are to each other, and to God so I do not think the church will abolish this sacrament because the couples involved would be breaking a promise made to each other and to God. ?? ?? ?? ?? By SCOTT HAMILTON 11.2 page 1 of 3 ...read more.

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