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So what do Christians consider as the consequences of sin?

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´╗┐Christian Consequences of Sin The word ?sin? means ?an immoral action which is considered to be a transgression against divine law?. So essentially, if you move against the laws set in the Bible or set out as God's Ten Commandments, you are committing a sin. Whether it be an actual act, or even the thought of an immoral act, it is committing a sin in the eyes of the Lord. So what do Christians consider as the consequences of sin? One of the most infamous consequences, and the one which we are still suffering from now, is alienation from God. Ever since the betrayal of Adam and Eve, have humans suffered on Earth. We live in a world plagued by sin, due to the free-will which God allows us. ...read more.


Another consequence of sin is more sin. In John 8:34-36 ?Jesus answered them, "Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is the slave of sin.? To sin is to go against the Lord's teachings and to sin is in our nature. You need just view the news or read a newspaper to see how the world has been ravaged by sin, and or watch your peers as they make bad decisions which just lead to more. Eventually sin ?controls? you and you can no longer see the wrong of your actions. We are expected to sin, and the only way to repent for that sin is to accept Jesus and the Lord into our lives. ...read more.


Proverbs 12:21 tells us that, in the end of our lives, no trouble so happen to those who have attempted to repent for their sins and have accepted the Lord as their saviour, but for those who have lived in sin and tried to cause harm and suffering to those around them, shall be rejected by the Lord for they have rejected him. The consequences of sin are many, and we have all and shall continue to sin in our lives. Many of us have accepted the Lord as our saviour, yet many people have yet to or refuse to based on their own personal beliefs. No one has the right to judge any side of the argument, but perhaps one day all shall see truth, and find comfort in it. Alistair Barron 6F ...read more.

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