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To what extent do you think that morals should depend on God?

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(b) To what extent do you think that morals should depend on God? (10) To depend our morals on God is to make morality arbitrary. If God decides what is right and what is wrong it is not impossible for him to categorize rape and murder as right. There will be no stability as logically one can just claim they have a divine command to kill given the situation when killing would be seen as the most loving thing to do since agape is the center of God?s teachings. If our morals depend on God then that means that morality is reduced to the right of the powerful. ...read more.


Following the bible is often the way as the bible is the easiest and most direct way in finding out God?s will hence how we should behave morally. However, the bible was written between around 100 BCE and 100CE and there are certain issues that intuitively appear to be wrong when put in modern context e.g. women were treated as properties and inferior to men (1 Corinthians 14:33) and slaves were acceptable (Colossians 4:1). If we now regard these things as wrong, then it indicates that we have a standard for judging actions as right and wrong separate from that found hence learnt from the bible. In addition regarding the time gap, many modern ethical dilemmas that are not covered in the bible e.g. ...read more.


One might argue that morals should depend on God because some are skeptical of our ability to establish moral laws using our reason as they are corrupted as an effect of sins. The commands of the bible come from God, the only and ultimate lawgiver, whom our morals should be dependent on .In addition, the golden rule Matthew 7:12 the idea to treat others as you would like to be treated, is an accepted part of many ethical systems and carries an intuitive validity. Morals should depend on God because it gives a clear motivation for behaving morally. For many Christians, behaving morally hence according to Gods laws is an expressions of their love for and faith in God. The idea that they will receive internal life is a motivation for good moral behaviours and an upright life. ...read more.

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