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What is Discipleship?

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Discipleship A dictionary's definition of a disciple is someone who believes and follows the teachings and laws of another person. A Christian disciple is someone who believes and follows the teachings and laws of Jesus Christ. During the past 2000 years Jesus has obtained more and more followers because priest, monks and all clergy included, but most importantly us, the normal working class people, have continued to preach in his vast absence. If you asked a person do you preach about Jesus they will say no but we do this so much it has become common phrase and we don't realise the vast amount of times we mention his name or anything relevant to him. Mark gospel tells of Jesus' first disciples begin two fishermen who happened to be brothers. But all gospels alike tell of these men leaving every worldly possession they had and without a doubt following Jesus. This shows that Jesus had a certain degree of authority over the people of whom he met. But many other people believed it was not authority it was a certain charisma, which he possessed, that drove these disciples to their destiny. Although these people immediately follow Jesus also had his failures for example the story of the Rich Man (10:17-31). ...read more.


Jesus like us shared this quality so he chose his disciples to be his friends and to aid him in times of trouble or hardship. Secondly the most common one that most people know is to help spread the word of god and to carry on his message when Jesus had to meet his destine and take apon his cross and face his mockery, denial, and suffering. Finally Jesus needed his disciples to cast out the evil spirits that roamed about the earth at that time. In Marks gospel it told of the disciples going through three stages; the first stage the disciple went through was enthusiasm this is shown when Jesus calls his first disciples (1:14-20) because they immediately followed Jesus without a negative thought. The second stage the disciples went through was misunderstanding. This starts when Jesus feeds five thousands people at lake Galilee (6:30-44). This is because for a normal person this is impossible and it becomes hard for them to believe that Jesus was different because they looked at Jesus as being a normal person because they were his friends and they had known him for so long. ...read more.


Jesus did not choose holy people to be his disciples he chose zealots, tax collectors, and even thief's, the very men he was sent to save, but all these men were looked upon as bad people but this does not make them unworthy to carry gods message. He chose these people to show that you don't have be holy and live without all temptations like television, computers or all the modern gadgets that are known to this day it just means that no matter how bad you think you are always helps to keep you faith. Jesus' disciples had a mission, to preach, heal, anoint the sick, and even cast out demons; they also had many sacrifices to undergo. But all we are to do is to go to mass and pray daily, although this seem a lot a whole 1 hour of mass a week but this all adds up in the for the amount treasures that heaven hold is endless. For Jesus said that if you left behind you brothers you would one hindered more brothers in heaven or if you left behind your friends, in heaven you would receive one times more friends this also applies to anyone who makes this grave sacrifice on earth. Gavin Kelly 11D ...read more.

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