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Argument on Genetic Engineering.

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Argument on Genetic Engineering Is genetic engineering acceptable when useful to human beings or even more, at least in some cases necessary or is it rather to be said illegal? Some authors and books show a very positive attitude toward genetic engineering. If parents can decide about the school of their children and their education and also support some of their children's talents then they can also be able to shape their child's personality and control its formation. Then should parents not have the right to make the decision of using genetic engineering instead of education? The achievement of genetic operation will result in a better quality of life for people. ...read more.


Many people see this as an advantage. For example, before a child is even pictured, you can give him, brown hair, green eyes, 6 feet in height and an intellect to match! Briefly, the benefits are fewer risks to diseases and personalized children. There are many moral and religious arguments against gene technology. Many people say that it will be an assault of someone's genetic privacy. Once the technology becomes common, genetic testing will be acceptable, and genetic information will have to be released. The fact that genetic information may one day become easily accessible leads to the state of genetic discrimination and abuse of genetic privacy. ...read more.


Many also view having the power to "select" your child as a problem. They feel the humans should not have the power to create a child like it is some sort of machinery. Life should be held in higher views than that. Whether people like it or not science stops for nothing. Human curiosity and modernism will always manage to plan some sort of scientific breakthrough. Genetic manipulation is no exception. Like all new technologies, it has its pros and cons that must be considered. The probabilities for reward and for disaster are both vast in this subject. I think that with adequate rules and responsibilities, the benefits of genetic manipulation can far be more important than the negative aspects. It is a circumstance that must be handled carefully. Minha Khan Y11-5 ...read more.

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