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Chemistry Coursework : Neutralisation

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Chemistry Coursework : Neutralisation Prediction: I predict that the reaction will be endothermic. If we increase the concentration of acid, the temperature change will increase. Background information: Reactions: An EXOTHERMIC REACTION is one which usually one which gives out energy to the surroundungs, usuually in the form of heat and usually shown by a rise in temperature. An ENDOTHERMIC REACTION is one which takes in energy from the surroundings, usually in the form of heat and usually shown by a fall in temperature. ...read more.


For endothermic reactions the energy change is positive , i.e heat is needed. A exothermic energy change indicates an exothermic reaction, ie heat is released. Virtually all chemical reactions involve energy changes. Whether they are exothermic or endothermic depends on the balance between the energy needed to break bonds in the reactant, and the energy released when bonds are made in the products. Aparatus: 3 Polystyrene beackers 3 Plastic lids 3 Thermometres (-10 - 110*C) 3 Measuring cylinders (50ml) ...read more.


Also we should wait 30 seconds before taking the temperature of each solution. We found out that all in our pilot method would also apply for our real method, as our prediction reflected are results. Method: Measure 20ml of hydrochloric acid and take the temperature after leaving it for 30 seconds. Then in a seperate measuring cylinder measure out 20ml of Sodium hydroxide, pour into a polystyrene beaker, and again take the temperature after 30 seconds. Mix both of them together and record the highest temperature. Repeat this for every temperature as shown in the table below: ...read more.

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