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Comparison of a plant and animal cell.

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  • Essay length: 788 words
  • Submitted: 08/10/2003
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AS and A Level Molecules & Cells

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Emma Walters

Comparison of a Plant and Animal Cell

Every single living thing in the world is made up of cells. They are the basis for life and are made up of microscopic components called organelles, which carry out specific tasks. All cells differ from one to the other. There are two main groups of cells - Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic cells. The two types of Eukaryotic cells are plant and animal cells. There are many common elements between a plant and animal cell, but also some differences. In this essay I am going to explore these similarities and differences and find out why they contain different organelles.

Similarities between plants and animal cells are that they are both Eukaryotic. This means that they both have a nucleus. They need this nucleus, as the brain of the cell, to help decide what comes in and out of it, and to hold all the genetic codes within it. To help the nucleus function properly, both the animal and plant cell have a cell membrane which covers the whole of the outside of the cell, and the nucleus tells it what to do. The membrane also allows

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