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Forces, waves and radiation.

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Scott Miller

Forces, Waves and Radiation



To investigate which factors affect the length to which a coiled spring stretches when a force is placed upon it, and whether the size of the coils makes any difference to the results.


I predict that the heavier the weight placed one spring is, the more it will stretch as the greater the mass, the greater the force of gravity is, pulling the spring. I also think that the bigger the coils are, the less amount of weight the spring needs to stretch to its elastic limit.


  • Wire (plastic coated)
  • Retort stand
  • 30cm ruler
  • Pen (to coil wire)
  • Slotted mass hanger


To perform this experiment, I am going to take a length of plastic coated wire and wrap it around a pen, which will make the wire into a circular spring.

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Length of spring (cm)

Test 2


































Large coiled results

Starting point = 2.5cm

Weight (g)

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Therefore, my prediction was correct:

“I think that the bigger the coils are, the less amount of weight the spring needs to stretch to its elastic limit.”


I am pleased with the experiment because of the fact that my results were accurate and my prediction was totally correct.

I feel that if I could have improved the experiment, I could have used different types of coils - maybe a tighter one and a looser one - just to further confirm and support my data.

Overall, I am pleased with the how the experiment was carried out and the eventual results.



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