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I am going to look at Down's syndrome which is an example of a genetic factor affecting the development of an individual. Down's syndrome

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There are factors which affect the development of an individual; I am looking at the main factors which are genetics, environmental and socio-economic factors. Genetics contain the information and instructions needed to make living organisms. ...read more.


Down's syndrome Gene's are short pieces of DNA fond in chromosomes which determine an individual's characteristics. A person has 23 pairs of chromosomes each in nucleus cell, 43 chromosomes all together. The pairs are made up of 1 pair from the mother and 1 pair from the father. ...read more.


Down syndrome will affect an individual's development because they may have a learning disability, which will mean they will not develop fully in there intellectual side. There physical growth will be stunted as well as they have a shorter height and they will have a rounder face. A person with Down's syndrome has not got high life expectancy, so they might not go through all of the life stages. ...read more.

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