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Implementation for Mobile Tariff Selector

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Implementation for Mobile Tariff Selector Data Entry Sheet I logged into Microsoft Excel, which was my chosen programme for this project, and opened a new work book. In cell B2, I wrote the title, 'Which Tariff is best for you'. We merged the cells together and centred it.Once that was done, I choose an appropriate colour scheme, and added shading, and changing the font type and colour. In cell B3, I typed `Peak Monthly average usage'.In cell B4, I typed `Off-Peak Monthly average usage' and in cell B5, I typed in `Average amount of text messages sent per month'. I also merged the cells individually and centred them.I changed the font and colour according to my colour scheme. I validated cells, C3, C4 and C5.Validation is when you can only type in certain numbers between two different values or to check that data is entered in the way that is expected, like all numbers or all letters or letters and numbers like in the British Postcode.If the wrong information is entered i.e a letter where a number is supposed to be, a warning sign pops up. This can say what ever you want it to say. To validate certain cells, I highlighted the certain area, and went to the data bar at the top of the screen, and went to validation.For peak and off-peak usage I typed in 0 - 20,000 and for text ...read more.


... In the third column - `Chargeable Off Peak Minutes', I typed in the equation: =IF(OffPeakUsage<C14,0,OffPeakUsage-C14). When enter was pressed, the cells displayed `0'.I also dragged this to the other four tariffs. This formula means if the number of off peak minutes that the customer uses is smaller than C14 then write 0, and if it is bigger then write the number of off peak minutes minus C14. ...In the fourth column - `Total Peak Cost', I typed the equation =B14*D4. `0' also appeared when I clicked enter. I dragged this down to the other tariffs. For then total peak cost i made this formular. It means to multiply the number of chargeable peak minutes by the peak minutes cost. (in D4) ...In the fifth column - `Total Off Peak Costs' I typed in the equation; =D14*D4. I also dragged this down to the other four tariffs. For total off peak costs I did this formular, it says take the number of off peak minutes and multiply it by the off peak minutes cost. ...In the sixth column - `Total Bill' I typed in the equation: =E14+F14+B4(F4*TextUsage). I also dragged this down to the other four equations. For total bill i did this equasion. It translates to say add the total peak costs, total off peak costs, the price off the talk plan and then the text message price multiplyed by the number of text messages given by the customer. ...read more.


This is the button we need to use to make our macros. Here's how we made it all work: o Click on the grey box. o Make the button by clicking on the spreadsheet and dragging to the required size. o In the macros box type in the name of the macro, mine was `gotoCHATTER' N.B. Remember not to use any spaces because otherwise it will not work. o Click `OK'. o Click `OK' again. o Click `Record Macro'. RESULT: Once you have done this it takes you back to your spreadsheet and an extra box appears, this is the record box. o To record your buttons actions, do what you want your button to. o Then click the stop button. RESULT: This has now recorded all the buttons actions. o You can now close the record box. To change the name of your button: o right click on your button. RESULT: The format menu appears. o click on `rename button' o Type in the new name of your button and press `enter' RESULT: Your button is now named how you like it. You can now repeat this to do all the buttons needed in your spreadsheet. Remember!! If you want more than one button to do the same function you can use the same macro as before by clicking on the existing macro instead of making a new one. You then continue as before. NB: Change the tariff names and mobile phone companies accordingly ...read more.

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