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Investigation in the extension of an elastic band

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Investigation in the extension of an elastic band Aim & Hypothesis I anticipate that an increase in the load on the elastic band will result in an increase in the extension of it. I think that the extension will be proportional to the load on the elastic band. I think that there will be a certain amount or energy lost and that this will increase proportionally as the load increase. This will be lost due to heat energy. Safety RISK ASSESSMENT - LEVEL ONE This experiment does not carry many hazards. Bags and coats will be moved out of the way to ensure that no one will trip over them. ...read more.


Then I loaded the elastic band with the masses, increasing in 100g intervals each time. I allowed the elastic band to stretch and stay in position for 60 seconds before taking a reading. To ensure that my measurements were as accurate as possible I used a meter ruler which was clamped onto the retort stand so that the elastic band hung next to it. I could then measure the extension using a set square flat against the end of the ruler to read of the measurements. After I had put on all 12 masses I took them all off one by one measuring the elastic band as I unloaded it. ...read more.


If I had more time then I would have repeated the experiment, as this would have meant that I would be able to take averages and therefore reduce any anomalies. Evaluation My uncertainty is + 0.01m because I was using a meter ruler and therefore this was the smallest measurement on it. I could probably improve this uncertainty by using a more precise instrument for measuring it, (probably a vernier scale.) Finding the averages of my results if I had sone the experimant more than once would have helped to 'improve' any anomalous results. Conclusion My results have shown that my hypothesis was right. I have been able to work out the amount of energy lost in heat by using the area under the two lines of the graph. Catherine Needham 12SL Physics Practical - 07/11/02 Catherine Needham 12SL Physics Practical - 07/11/02 ...read more.

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