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Investigation on springs.

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Investigation on springs



The silicon chip has been the cornerstone of the IT revolution for the past several decades. Over the years we have seen the size of the devices such as microprocessors shrink and their speed increase considerably. However, to enable miniaturisation to proceed as it has electronic device engineers have had to integrate discrete devices such as resistors, capacitors and inductors into the chips themselves. To achieve this they have had to make these components essentially out of the silicon itself.

To enable them to do so they have had to understand what factors affect, for example, the resistance of the material that they used. In a similar manner, see if you can discover what factors affect the resistance of a metal wire in the laboratory.


I will construct an experiment with the aim

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So from this scientific knowledge I predict that the extension of the spring will be directly proportional to the weights added but only up to a certain point. Then after this point the last extension will increase more than usual because at this point the atoms are breaking so there is one last bigger extension given at the end before the spring brakes.

Obtaining Information


  • The following apparatus was used in this experiment:

Clamp stand

3 springs (all the same type)

Metre rule

100g weights


  • The apparatus was set up as follows:

The clamp stand was put on the table and a spring was attached to the clamp securely.

  • A 100g weight was added to the spring and the extension of the spring was measured using a metre rule. Precision and skill was used to obtain accurate and reliable results as the extension was taken to the nearest millimetre and the reading was read from eye level using a setsquare.
  • This was repeated until the spring broke. Before this point goggles were worn to ensure safety from the flying spring after it broke. A cushion of some sort was placed beneath the weights before the spring broke. So when the spring did brake the weights had a cushioned fall
  • This method was repeated two more times with the same type of springs. This was because then an average could be taken and hence a more accurate graph.
  • A results table and graph were drawn up.
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I could have improved this experiment by testing more than three springs to get a more accurate average and therefore a more accurate graph.

Here are some suggestions for further investigation work and experiments that could be lead or followed on from this experiment:

  • An experiment to find out if the extension of spring is affected by its material. So several different types of material of spring could be used e.g. copper, steel, etc…
  • Different lengths of springs could be tested to find out and to compare results to find out if there is a pattern between the size of the spring and its elastic limit or where at what extension the spring breaks.
  • Different sized springs and different strengthened springs could be also tested in the same way to see if there is a pattern or comparison between the size increase and the elastic limit of the spring.


Investigation on factors that affect the resistance of a metal wire

Steven Anderson

By Steven Anderson

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Waves & Cosmology section.

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