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Pulleys, forces and the principle of moments

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Udit Aggarwal


Background Information

A Push or Pull which can vary in magnitude or direction on an object is called Force. The direction of force is the direction of push or pull. If the push and pull are on opposite directions, they act simultaneously, in other words the one with the greater push gives the direction of force. The standard unit for force in International system is Newton (N). Altogether there are five types of forces which are given below with their definitions mentioned-

  1. Muscular Force- The force exerted by the muscles is known as Muscular force.
  1. Gravitational Force- When an object is thrown in the air, it automatically comes down. This is because the Earth attracts every object or body towards it with a force called the force of Gravitation.
  1. Magnetic Force- The force exerted by a magnet is called Magnetic force. For e.g. If I bring a magnet near some pins, they will all get pulled towards the magnet. It therefore, implies that the magnet has exerted some force on the pins.
  1. Electrostatic Force- The force exerted by electrostatic charge is called Electrostatic force. This type of force can be repulsive or attractive. For e.g. Rub a comb with a dry cloth and bring it near small pieces of paper.
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  • Meter’s Rule.
  • Newton Meter’s.
  • Block of wood used for balancing.
  • Pen to record the results.


  • Firstly, I had gathered all the equipment and had set up the experiment. As I was accomplishing the experiment alone, it took me a while to conduct the experiment.
  • Secondly, I had started to conduct the experiment by placing the weights on both the sides so they can balance. As I had conducted the experiment before I achieved the desired results.
  • Thirdly and lastly after accomplishing the experiment I had put all the equipment back to their original places and copied down the results in a table format which are mentioned in the results column.


I predict that as the distance decreases, the force required increases. I also predict that as the object moves away from the pivot, the effort required in less.

Fair Test

There was only one issue for the fair testing which is, mentioned below-

  • I had used the same Newton meter same time as it might not have the same spring inside which would have lead me inaccurate results.


While I was conducting the experiment there weren’t much safety issued to be observed but some of the safety issues are mentioned below-

  • I was careful, while handling with the weights as if they would have fallen on someone’s foot it could have been injurious.
  • While carrying out the experiment, there were many people doing important work, I was careful not to cause noise pollution.
  • Lastly, I was careful while handling with the ruler as it was delicate piece of equipment.
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0 Nm’s



200 Nm’s



390 Nm’s



390 Nm’s



140 Nm’s



140 Nm’s



574 Nm’s



574 Nm’s



465 Nm’s



465 Nm’s



200 Nm’s



200 Nm’s


My results agree with my prediction and all the columns in the results table are balanced. In other words:



I believe that I have been successful in accomplishing the experiment as I achieved the results which I had desired. I also believe that I have achieved my goals which were to obtain perfect results. Even though I was successful in obtaining perfect results, I had encountered some problems which are mentioned below-

  1. The first problem I had encountered was, while I was trying to balance the weights on the meter rule, I had kept on changing the positions of the weights from left to right as it would not balance both the ends even though my calculations were correct.
  2. Secondly, I think there was some problem on the meter rule as the as the weights would not balance perfectly.
  3. Lastly, I think there was some with the block of wood which was used to balance the meter rule. I think the plank of wood was defected i.e. chipped off.

Some Simple Machines





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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Mechanics & Radioactivity section.

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