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Sheltered Rocky Shore

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Sheltered Rocky Shore Rock Pool 1 Rock Pool 2 Abiotic factors * pH value - The pH value of rock pool water sample is 8. - The pH value of sea water is 6.8. ?The pH value of rock pool water sample is higher than that of sea water The possible reason - Excretion of organisms evolved ammonia which is alkali so the pH value increases * Tidal Level - The whole field study was affected by the tidal level - As typhoon Parma is approached, the low tide level was 1.6m at 4p.m. This level was to high to detect organisms which live far away from the coastal area. ...read more.


Stalked Barnacle Characteristic: 1.Posses byssus(a tuff of strong filaments) 2.Grow inside the rock crevices > e.g. hermit crabs Characteristic: 1.have a tail hook to hold fix itself into the snail 2.have claws to hold itself into the snail > e.g. Small Shore Crab Characteristic: 1.flatten body to facilitate it to stay in narrow rock crevices. 2.protective colour to conceal itself > Rock Oyster Characteristic: 1.they combine with the rock to prevent them form being washed away by strong waves 2.hard shell > Sea-anemone Characteristic: 1. 3. Sub-littoral zone > Organisms inhabited in this zone always immerse in sea water, they cannot survive when exposed to air for a long time * Microhabitat Crevice Rock Surface Rock Pool Sea water immersion so-so no highly Number of Organism so-so ...read more.


high temp and low humidity). organism face the challenges of desiccation. ?almost no organism can survive > Rock Pool: When high tide, food (micro organisms) was brought from the sea water. The most abundant of nutrient few varieties of species Organisms need to withstand the fluctuation in temperature and salinity. ?More organism can survive. Error 1. The rainfall in the morning lowered the salinity of the rock pools and seawater. 2. Also, oxygen content and pH value of the rock pools and seawater were affected by the rainfall. -Improvement: Don't record data just after raining. 3. During collecting water samples, the bottles containing air and hence, the value of dissolved oxygen was overvalued. -Improvement: Use a bucket tied with a rope to fill up the bottles until all the air bubbles escape. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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