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Sliding beaker investigation.

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Tom Charleson

Sliding Beaker Investigation


In this investigation I will be finding out what force will push a beaker along a flat surface the best.

The factors which could affect my investigation are:

  • The surface that the beaker is on – if the surface is rough it could slow the beaker down, whereas if the surface is smooth it could be easier for the beaker to slide along.
  • The mass of the beaker – the bigger the mass, the further and faster the beaker will travel.
  • The force used to push the beaker – the bigger the force used to push the beaker, the further and faster the beaker will travel.

For this investigation I will be changing the force used to push the beaker because I feel that this would be easier to measure.

The apparatus I will be using is:

  • A Newton meter
  • Elastic band
  • Table
  • Plastic beaker
  • 100gm weight
  • Metre stick
  • Stool


  1. Place the elastic band on the stool legs and place the stool on the table surface.
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Secondary data

Newton’s First Law

 So long as the forces on an object are balanced, then it’ll just stay still, or else if it’s already moving it’ll just carry on at the same velocity – so long as the forces are balanced

Newton’s Second Law

 “If there is an Unbalanced Force, then the object will accelerate in that direction”

Newton’s Third Law

“If object A exerts a force on object B then object B exerts the exact opposite force on object A”

Obtaining evidence

Weight of beaker (gm)

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I think that my results were fairly accurate as if we look at the graph the results are spread quite evenly and they do go up evenly rather than going up, and dropping down. The anomalous results were probably caused by the fact that the elastic band probably moved a bit after I removed the Newton meter. I think that the results for the 10N force are all a bit inaccurate as because I was using a big force the elastic was tighter, so therefore it was harder to keep in the right place.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Mechanics & Radioactivity section.

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