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Survey on Wind Energy.

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Survey on Wind Energy Wind energy first came to the fore in 1991 with the creation the UK's first wind farm. Wind farms were created in the purpose of harnessing the potential energy that could be created using the wind. Renewable energy is ever increasing whether it be wind, wave or solar power. The great advantage of these renewable energies is their cleanliness for the environment. Ironically however, the issue of wind farms has had strong media attention due to a lack of support from environmentalists and the like. The case against wind farms as many different angles. Perhaps the most obvious and most publicised drawback is the aesthetics that come with the giant turbines. The turbines are seen as a blotch on the scenery of the countryside. Secondly, for those who live in the vicinity of wind farms, the noise generated from the turbines can be considered as hazardous noise pollution. It is clear to see why the wind energy issue has created such vehement and conflicting views, which is evident through the multiple surveys that have been carried out over the past 13 years. ...read more.


During this period, the Danish government were alone in their wind energy project. However, their example was soon followed by countries such as Germany and the UK. The type of support provided by governments varies between countries. In the UK, France, Germany and Denmark the government pays premiums to wind power companies to make sure that their product is competitive with energy from fossil fuels. In Sweden, the Netherlands and Greece the support is provided in the form of tax breaks, while in Austria (and Sweden and Greece), investment subsidies are provided. At the supra-national level, the EU has also been aggressively funding development of wind power. The Directorate General for Energy DGXVII began funding of wind energy in 1983. Between 1983 and 1989 the DGXVII funded some 157 innovative wind projects (total 45.8 million ECU). Between 1990 and 1994 some 53 projects were funded (34.2 million ECU) and this trend has if anything, increased to the present day. With such EU support the percentage of projects with partners from more than one country has risen from 20% to between 50 and 60%. ...read more.


A survey conducted in Country Life magazine revealed wind farms to be the worst eyesore and since, there have been numerous campaigns opposing new wind farms. In response to these argument, supporters of wind energy including the British Wind Energy Association have continually presented evidence to the contrary. They claim that 8 out of 10 people are in favour of wind energy and the only reason there is an apparent bad impression of wind farms is due to the vehemence of the opposition's views. On the whole, the issue of wind energy can somewhat difficult to have a stance on. On the surface, wind energy is very desirable. First and foremost, it is an extremely clean form of creating energy. Also, with it being a renewable source, the earth's fossil fuels can be preserved for a longer period of time. However, doubt is cast when considering the drawbacks as mentioned. The main solution has taken shape in the form of the offshore wind farms which eliminate the visual pollution argument and the noise pollution argument. Overall, momentum appears to be fully behind the continuation of wind energy installation despite the abundance of oppostion. ...read more.

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