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The aim of this investigation is to find out the effect of surface area on a falling object.

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To investigate the effect of surface area on a falling object.


AIM: The aim of this investigation is to find out the effect of surface area on a falling object.


  1. Get and cut out of a paper helicopter and clip on a paper clip at the end of the helicopter.

2) Get a ruler and draw a marking of 2m on a wall.

3) Take a stop clock to time how long it takes the paper helicopter to fall at different surface areas.

4) Every time you do it cut

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  • Length of the helicopter (surface area).

(Don’t change)

  • The weight only (1 paper clip)
  • The height
  • The way you drop the paper helicopter
  • Use the same helicopter
  • Stop the clock as soon as it touches the ground


  • Careful with the scissors
  • Make sure that you dropping the helicopter from a safe place.


I will use the following length surface areas (7cm,6cm,5cm,4cm and 3cm)


I predict that as the surface area of a falling object decreases, the object will fall faster. This is because as the wingspan gets smaller there will be less air resistance pushing up on the object so it will fall faster. Gravity pulls the object to the earth and this will stay the same whatever the wingspan is.


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I was very happy the way that my graph came out and the way it looked. I tried my best and I achieved what I could with the graph and the investigation. I can improve my method my practising and learning through other investigations.      



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