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A life in the day of Paul Harris

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I wake up 6:30 a.m. with my light going on and a very loud voice shouting, "Get up Paul! Immediately or I will stop you from playing stupid games on your Playstation." (I find this one of my mother's most annoying habits.) I eventually haul myself out of my bed and stagger to the bathroom, where I transform my self from Ape to human. Laura my adorable (if somewhat a pain), sister, is already dressed and downstairs feeding our cat Bobby. Dad is blocking the stairs putting his shoes on as he advances to work for another day in the bank. Mum is busy juggling the washing machine, the toaster, packed lunch and signing my planner. Just as I think it is safe to come down stairs, to have a tasty breakfast of Coco Pops, my mum would start practicing Opera, for her lesson on Friday lunch time. ...read more.


I enjoy I.T because it is full of interesting facts about computers and when the teacher's not looking, I start playing games like Sonic the Hedgehog. Math's is a good subject because I can do the work, at the moment. I sit next to Michael Roberts who can be good fun but gets moody sometimes (we all have faults and mine is that I rush things). At breaks I walk round the school mumbling about computers or games with Jamie. Sometimes I play a game called manhunt with a few of my other friends, like Ashlee Rowe. It is a physical game that involves chasing people and catching them. When it is time to leave school, I wait for my friend Allister in year ten, (we live next door to each other). We get the train together; Allister is more obsessed about computers than I am, but he adores games and I love all aspects of computers. ...read more.


At tea time I have to gulp my tea down so I'm ready for cadets. My friend Chris Caralan picks me up for cadets he is 15 and has recently lost his lance corporal stripe for forgetting to go to annual camp. To night will be a brilliant night because I get to go in the best tank in the world, The 'Challenger 2.' When we arrived at the Army camp it was there, the 'Challenger 2.' A giant monster by its self, a khaki coloured snail with a thick layer of armour like a shell. It had two eyes both sides of the turret to give it character. When one of the officers turned on the engine it roared like a grizzly bear. We got a chance to gone in it and a guided tour. After a long exhausting day I finally get a chance to drop off at the land of nod. Paul J Harris ...read more.

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