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Assess the view that the underachievement of some ethnic minority pupils is the result of factors and processes within schools

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Assess the view that the underachievement of some ethnic minority pupils is the result of factors and processes within schools. (20) Ethnic minority is a broad concept, which includes a range of people from a range of backgrounds, therefore is difficult to define. The patterns of achievement in this area are rather complex. It is not a simple whites do better than non-whites equation. The labels 'Asian', 'Afro Caribbean' cover a multitude of countries, regions, cultures and religions. Statistical data to prove this is The Swann Report. A survey of 5 LEAs found that Asians did almost as well as whites but one Asian group i.e. Bangladeshis do badly. The average performance of West Indians was worse than whites, only 5% of West Indians in The Swann Report passed an A-level and 1% went to university. The trend of the underachievement of some ethnic minority pupils is the result of factors and processes within schools, supported by the in-school factors. The Swann Report outlined that some teachers were racist and there was a great deal of unintentional racism. ...read more.


She concluded that it was not the affects of labelling as such that held the girls back, nor was it the culture of the girls. Instead, they were held back by the well-meaning but misguided behaviour of most of the teachers. However much the girls rejected the beliefs of teachers they were in no position in the power hierarchy to challenge any negative outcomes that came from the way the teachers interpreted the girl's behaviour. So, according to Mirza it was the attitude of the teachers that caused underachievement of some ethnic minority pupils within the school. However some sociologists believe that in school factors are not the only affected factor for underachievement of some ethnic minority pupils, they believe that out school factors also affect this. The out school factors range from cultural backgrounds to language differences. Driver and Ballard support the viewpoint that language is the affecting factor, which influences the underachievement of some ethnic minority pupils. Their study found that by the age of 16 Asian children were competent in English as their white classmates. ...read more.


Reasons for this were seen to be racism as teachers saw their behaviours as aggressive and disruptive whereas in reality they may have misbehaved as a response to racism and poverty at home. This could have been one influential factor as to why some ethnic minority pupils underachieved. Most of the studies have found that overall ethnic minorities tend to do less well than other members of the population. However, there are various ethnic minority groups, and this assumption hides the variations between and within the ethnic groups. This issue is also linked to gender and social class, therefore, cannot be seen in isolation. Current trends show that ethnic minority groups are doing well and improving therefore due to ethnic minority having broad meaning generalisations cannot be made. In conclusion, all the factors considered for differential educational attainment in ethnic minority groups, cannot be seen in isolation, rather a number of factors can work together to produce low levels of attainment, found in some ethnic minority groups. ?? ?? ?? ?? Sabreena Ahmed ...read more.

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