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Blowing candy on sandy.

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Blowing candy on sandy BY NIKOLAS HATZIS When Chris Varick came to New York for a chance to live his dream, he never imagined it would be this way. He knew it was the highest level he could work at as a stockbroker but he never imagined the world that he would become part of. A world where work was fun and having fun was serious. Money was what it was all about. Money was not the fun part but making it was. And for the stockbrokers at JT Marlin this was what it was all about. Cutting the deal, making the sale. And with every deal came the fat commissions. This is how it operated. The firm was totally comprised of twenty-five to thirty-five year olds. Young, hungry and rich. Each of these young men was making millions for the firm and themselves. They lived in luxury apartments, drove Bentleys and Ferraris and wore four figure suits to work everyday. Chris grew up in a modest house on the outskirts of Mitchellton, Pennsylvania. ...read more.


His nights were usually spent in the city's exclusive clubs where the rich and famous socialized. It was nothing for Chris to spend a couple of thousand a night on Cristal champagne when entertaining clients. Chris didn't drink and he didn't smoke but he had one weakness: women. In high school, he was too shy to ask a girl to the prom, but by the time he graduated he had hired his first prostitute. Just after his one year anniversary of working at JT Marlin he left his job to Mitchellton where he started his own Hedge Fund: Ashbury Capital Partners. When visiting New York to recruit clients, he'd checked into the presidential suite at the Plaza Hotel Which served as a base camp for ten thousand dollar treks to the city's strip clubs. After a year of living the life of a playboy, Chris began looking for something more meaningful. Then came the May 1999 issue of Playboy where he caught glimpse of the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. ...read more.


By June 2000 the markets were trading at their lowest level since the 1987 crash. Chris stopped trading. To cover his losses he produced false trading reports. Although his portfolio withered, he couldn't contain himself. That summer he spent twenty-two million in a single month and his forth of July picnic was on Capri. Chris continued to chase new clients to cover his debt. In August a New Jersey lawyer invested sixteen million with Ashbury Capital Partners and two weeks after that another ten million. Chris was getting out of control, he had ordered a ten-carat diamond from Tiffany's worth more than half a million dollars. On payment his credit card bounced. He was arrested by the FBI for on fraud charges. With Chris's adventure over he moved back to Mitchellton. His clothes no longer shined, he was penniless and his Bunny was gone. But after blowing some fifty million and earning himself two federal felony fraud charges, his lawyers were able to negotiate a plea bargain. The last four years of Chris's life taught him something he didn't learn in school: If it makes you it can break you. ...read more.

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