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Do Video Games Develop Important Skills For Me?

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´╗┐Candidate Name: Alexander JamesCentre Name: Oxted School Candidate No: 7566 Centre No: 64175 Do Video Games Develop Important Skills For Me? As a child growing up in the late 1990?s and early 2000?s, video games have become increasingly popular to me for that the technology is new and exciting to use and interact with. Right now the ?wired generation? being the children of this age (me), playing video games, side-tracking them from real world problems, making it the new ?norm? in our technologically driven society we as a country live in. It has been more than 20 years since video games had been invented, one of the first being an arcade video game being Pong (which was a tennis sports game featuring two-dimensional graphics), this creates a lot of data to study on. ...read more.


Logical thinking is another skill that can be acquired whilst playing games as by practise, my thinking can improve when making decisions as I am playing one, for example, I need to gain access to a building but it is locked, thinking logically, what different ways can I enter? I could select a key from my inventory, find a key somewhere nearby, or even have to destroy the door. Observation skills, man making skills, vocabulary development and note taking are all other skills that I have learnt from playing games. As my skills become more and more developed from video games, it shows that a paid education for these types of skills is not needed and can all be obtained from this, the post-modernity has developed as this way of learning is a more fun and sub-consciously, which makes it much easier to learn as I don?t even know I?m doing it. ...read more.


As I am part of the middle class, it is normal for a male of my age to be playing video games as the Marxist?s theory suggests, because if I were say a male who is lower class, it would be unlikely for me to be able to afford the luxury of playing video games, as everything that is needed to play them are quite expensive. Video games have made a huge impact on my life and for that I value them a lot as they can last a life-time. From this I have a representation for being a ?gamer?, and to many people who don?t play video games, it gives them the impression that I am addicted to it and play shooter games, which in this case is true as that fits the description of me. ...read more.

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