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Multiculturalism. Thesis Statement: Is the concept of multiculturalism a wise choice in modern day society?

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By, Joshua Bailey Outline Thesis Statement: Is the concept of multiculturalism a wise choice in modern day society? I. Introduction A. What is multiculturalism? 1. Multiculturalism Definition 2. Secondary Definition 3. My own interpretation of Multiculturalism B. Thesis Statement II. Multiculturalism in Business A. How does multicultural apply to the business world? 1. How it affect workers. B. What is outsourcing? III. Multiculturalism In Media A. How are different races portrayed in modern media? B. What stereotypes of races can be found in television shows? C. How has some of these stereotypes affect our views on different people from different ethnic backgrounds? IV. The Different Races A. What were thought of as the four basic races? B. Has the views on these races change over the past few years? V. Conclusion A. Restate thesis statement B. Give views on multiculturalism Multiculturalism Multiculturalism? What does it really mean? To some it is a long frequently misleading word, but what does it mean? Does it mean the combination of all cultures to form one that is meant to be the best of all? ...read more.


In order to know what outsourcing means I want to utilize the same method I used to find the meaning of multiculturalism. So again the definition of outsourcing that Webster's dictionary gave us was, to obtain as some goods or services needed by an organization under contract with a remote provider. To me this is all you really need to know about outsourcing because this is it. But there is another given by dictionary.com, they say that outsourcing is to get hold of goods or services from an outside source. Outsourcing has been around for many years. This started during the 1980s. Basically companies delegate their non-core operations to an outside source that specializes in the needed operations. Often companies outsource because it's more efficient than having everything done in one location. And on top of that it's more cost effective for the companies themselves. In my own opinion, outsourcing is important because many companies rely on it in order to get many different products or services to their facilities on time and in good condition. Outsourcing is a big part of the business industry today. ...read more.


In 1758, the Swedish scientist Carolus Linnaeus claimed that there were only four human races in the entire world: white (Europeans), red (Native Americans), yellow (Asians), and finally black (Africans). In order for you to properly understand this you must first know what race is. Race is a word used to divide people into to larger and smaller groups. Back when the four human races when put into play this made most people culturally ignorant. But now in our modern day world the views have change. Our world is now a culturally diverse one. But people are still plagued about races especially those of us who are biracial. In certain situations we feel that we must choose which race we should be part of. And when you do choose a race the people of that race feel that all you're doing is trying to pass. On the whole, my answer to the question of whether or not the concept of multiculturalism a wise choice in modern day society is yes. But in order for us to make this happen we have to really work hard to get rid of things like stereotyping in media and also teach the history of not just one race but as many as we can. ...read more.

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