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3.0 MARKETING IN TOURISM 3.1 What is marketing? * A definition of marketing, as described by the Chartered Institute Of Marketing "Marketing is the management process that identifies, anticipates and supplies customer requirements efficiently and profitably." Chartered Institute Of Marketing * The components of marketing 1. Identifying customer needs i.e. market research 2. Producing a product that meets customers needs 3. Calculating the price that meets customer demand 4. Producing the right quantities to supply customer demand 5. Promoting the product to the customer 6. Distributing the product to the place where it is convenient for the customer to buy it 3.2 Marketing objectives * A definition of objectives, as described by GCSE Business Studies for AQA Jenkins & Hamman - "Statements of the goals that a company wishes to achieve in a given time." * A definition of marketing objectives, this time described by GCSE Business Studies - Wallace & Wallace - "The main objectives of the marketing department." * Objectives need to be SMART; S pecific M easurable A chievable R ealistic T imely * The Deep's five main marketing objectives include; 1. ...read more.


Gender Various goods may only be appealing to males, or females, or maybe both. 3. Socio-economic grouping 4. Geography 5. Lifestyle 6. Ethnicity * The Deep's market segments are: 1. Children aged 4-14 - This is because they want to attract the younger people, perhaps as a form of education. 2. Caring parents - Parents who want to take their young children to entertain them. 3. School groups via teachers - This can educate children in school parties; using special "group deals" can attract more schools, which can bring in a lot of money. 4. 'Ageing Greys' i.e. adults age 55+ - These are people who have a lot of time on their hands and can visit The Deep anytime. The Deep identified its target audience by completing questionnaires and surveys. They could have done this using primary, secondary or tertiary forms of research. However, I have discovered several marketing segments, which The Deep has missed out on, and may be losing many more customers this way. ...read more.


* Promotion - the part of the marketing mix where it is decided how a product should be marketed or sold. The Four P's Their role in a marketing campaign Place Where their product is finally sold to the consumer. There are many places a consumer could buy products from; a shop, mail order, television shopping channels, and even the internet. Price Firms try to keep their prices equal to, or slightly below, those of their competitors. These are for products for which customers have a lot of choice, such as chocolate bars. There are several other tactical forms of pricing. Price skimming is one of those. This is where a company sets the price of a product high when it is first released, then go on to cut it lower at a later date. This is familiar with electrical products, such as mobile phones. Product Product is the final product that is sold for profit. Competition is a result of a number of similar products being available that can perform the same functions. Promotion This is where a firm or a company advertises their new product to make it sell and let customers know it is on the market. This ...read more.

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