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A comprehensive review of the role and relative importance f the organisations stakeholders.

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A comprehensive review of the role and relative importance f the organisations stakeholders. Tesco plc is a British-based international grocery and general merchandising retail chain. It is the largest British retailer by both global sales and domestic market share, and is the world's third-largest retailer, behind Wal-Mart of the United States and Carrefour of France. Tesco now controls just over 30% of the grocery market in the UK, approximate to the combined market share of its closest rivals, Asda and Sainsbury's. In 2007, the supermarket chain announced over �2.55 billion in profits. Originally specialising in food, it has diversified into areas such as discount clothes, consumer electronics, consumer financial services, selling and renting DVDs, compact discs and music downloads, Internet service, consumer telecoms, consumer health insurance, consumer dental plans and budget software. ...read more.


Therefore, it is vital that all the business supplies are on time. Suppliers are probably the third important part in a business, they provide the products and if they are not on time it poses a great threat to the financial state of a business. On the other hand, suppliers aren't that important in decision making because they're scared of losing their contract with Tesco. The main jobs of the suppliers are to sell fresh stock daily at market price. Employees May want an increase in pay rise. Staffs have a very big interest in Tesco; they have an interest in the business in the form of wages, bonuses, discounts, and holiday pensions. ...read more.


Trade Unions Play an important part to help employees receive the pay as possible, within the limits and boundaries. Employer associations They balance out the trade unions to make sure that both owner and employees are happy and are receiving/giving the right amount of money. Sponsors This makes profit for the business even if the business isn't making profits in the business it self. Tesco sponsor's a charity. This shows that the store is responsible and people will visit more. Local and national communities Give planning permission if a business decides to build a new store Pressure group Are important when building a new store. Pressure group can really go to extremes to stop big stores building on site. ?? ?? ?? ?? Josh Davis ...read more.

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