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A Questionaire Analysis

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Questionnaire Analysis From the raw data I have gathered I have been able to achieve my objectives finding out where the public shop for equipment at the moment and to find out what can be improved about these places. These were my objectives as this would help me attract customers to my store as I could improve on theirs. First of all I found that on average 80% of people take part in outdoor activities such as mountain biking, camping, hiking, climbing and others, which further proves that there is a market for it. Furthermore, about 50% of people take part in these activities at least twice a month, and a further 25% take part at least 5 times. I further looked into the marketing opportunities by finding out roughly how often people actually buy equipment for their respective activities, as without this information it doesn't matter how often people actually take part. ...read more.


From this you can assume that because Halfords specialises in bikes, that most of the people who shop there, are buying equipment for mountain bikes, however Millets is a much more general store and sell many different pieces of equipment. Sportsworld make up the largest proportion of people, as they sell most of the basic equipment you need for any sporting activity. This information is important as it gives me a good idea in what I should sell more or less of in my shop. Unfortunately I did not gather data on exactly what people buy from these shops, as this would have helped me further in this area. I also had to find out why exactly people buy from these places, so I did some research into that. I found that from a sample of 32 people, the largest percentage of people said that the reason they bought from where they did was because they had a wide range of products. ...read more.


From the same sample of people, I found that the area that most people felt could be improved upon was price. This was unfortunate, as this was also an area where my store could not compete with more established traders. The next two points though were good areas that would be possible for me to use to gain advantage over other stores; location, and the range of products. I have already said that a wide range is an area on which I intend to do well in, however well situated premises are difficult to come by, and are often expensive. The data which I have gathered is reliable, however I think that it could have been presented win a better way, as I did not present it in such a way so that I could make links between the individual charts. Overall I think I have achieved my two objectives, and my research will be very helpful in opening up my business. ...read more.

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