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Apply business theory.

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From my investigation into the functions of the personnel department as the personnel manager, I have found out that there is a high staff turnover. A high staff turnover can be a problem for businesses. High staff turnover means that staff are constantly being employed, but after a limited amount of time, they leave. This is a problem because it would affect the way in which businesses carry out their business activity. Managers would not be able to develop a good relationship with the workers, and be able to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and the productivity rate would decrease. In Hamptons this may be a problem, as good instructors, which the customers are familiar with, might leave. When a new instructor is employed, it would take longer for customers to get to know the new instructor. There are many factors that affect staff turnover, and which are investigated by the manager of the personnel department. The following theories suggest the reason why workers work, how they can work to high standards, and how they work and what they want. Needs of individuals and why they work People work because they need to attain certain things that are required to live. These are things like food and shelter. People achieve this by working and earning money, which is in the form of wages and pay. This can be used to buy the things they need. Needs for workers in a business can be split up into physiological needs (needs to survive), security needs (to ensure the welfare of workers), social needs (the need to make friends and be accepted), ego/esteem needs (needs for luxuries or for benefits), and self-actualisation needs (needs to achieve). Hamptons can satisfy some of these needs for workers, such as wages and pay. Others, especially low hierarchy workers, might not be satisfied with their wages, and this might be the reason behind Hamptons' high staff turnover. ...read more.


As workers provide the labour for businesses, it is essential that they work as efficiently as possible. In Hamptons, motivated workers would tend to be happy with staying at the company, and this would be essential in reducing staff turnover. It would also help in the process of carrying out the business activity. This would help Hamptons keep costs low, and help it to maximise its profit. There are many principles on how workers are motivated and the factors that are involved. One of the most evident features is the accomplishment of workers achieving their basic needs. These are mostly the things that are needed to live and stay secure, like food and shelter. However, after a time, workers may feel they need more than just their basic needs. They may need luxuries and higher distinctions. These needs can be classified into a variety of categories, according to their importance to the worker. They can be put into a pyramid conveying a workers hierarchy of needs. Workers hierarchy of needs (Maslow's theory) Physiological needs: These are the basic needs of individuals in order to survive. Hamptons offers this through paying workers wages. These needs are the most important needs of workers. Security needs: Security needs are essential to workers so that they can feel safe and not be worried. They want to be in a safe environment, so that they can do their jobs effectively. Hamptons offers security to workers by providing a personnel department that would take the thoughts and say of workers into consideration, and by making workers work around the company's premises. Social needs: Workers may lack motivation if they are in a business environment where they are isolated and not accepted. Hamptons overcomes this problem by providing good communication links between workers, and the chance to socialise with customers if they are gym instructors. Also, there are quite a few workers that share the same type of job, so they are not left out. ...read more.


In Hamptons, there would tend to be quite a lot of communication like this, because of the high number of workers at the same hierarchy level. Recruitment Hamptons recruits its workers locally. Recruitment is when employees are given jobs in a business. The personnel department carries out the function of recruiting. There are two main types of recruitment - internal and external. Internal recruiting is when an employee inside a business applies for a different job in the same business that is vacant. This is only applicable as long as the candidate for the post has the right skills. Promotion could be an example of internal recruitment, and in Hamptons, there are not many opportunities for this type of recruitment. This is because not many employees are directly in line for a specific job. For instance, a gym instructor cannot take the job of the duty manager when it becomes vacant, because although the duty manager is the gym instructor's line manager, he would not have the appropriate skills that are required for the job. The only example in Hamptons that may be available for internal recruitment could be the administrator applying for the sales manager's job when it becomes vacant. Because of this lack of internal recruitment policy, Hamptons does not offer its staff many promotions, and they may not be able to develop the career they were hoping for. This could lead to high staff turnover. The method of external recruitment is when applicants for a vacant job position are recruited from outside the business. This would involve the applicants applying for the vacant post, and then a selection procedure to go underway in order to obtain the best possible employee for that position. The law states that people who apply for a job should not be turned down because of discrimination against them. Because Hamptons recruits its workers locally, they do not have the same level of range and choice of workers in contrast to if they were recruiting openly. It seems that the reason why there is a high turnover of staff could be present in these theories. ...read more.

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