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asda and waitrose

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Business and Economics Coursework Introduction I have chosen to base my coursework on ASDA and Waitrose. I have chosen these two supermarkets because they are very different in product price, location, size and attitude towards the products that they are selling. Price Price in supermarkets is one of the most important factors to do with popularity with customers. The majority of people today look for cheap prices and value for their money. On the other hand some people also look for quality over cheap prices and are willing to spend that extra money. ASDA and Waitrose are a prime example of this. ASDA's company aim is to sell a great range of products and services at famously low prices, such as their cheap groceries and photo development. Waitrose however, are set on combining the convenience of a supermarket and service of a specialist shop (e.g. their quality meats). Their aim is to concentrate more on quality rather than quantity and low prices. This may be why Waitrose has not had as much success in sales as ASDA, but they still may have made as much money because of the profits they make due to their higher prices. ...read more.


It illustrates how Waitrose believe their goods are of a better quality and therefore sell them at a higher price in order to make more profit. Asda however, believe that if they sell their goods at a lower price to most supermarkets, then they will be more popular and earn more profit through the amount of sales they produce. Supermarkets and other businesses everywhere around the world are forced to make pricing decisions based on what competitors are charging every once in a while. This is what is called competition based pricing and is what the company must think about thoroughly if they wish to try and be the best around. Supermarkets use this pricing strategy as a form of competing with other supermarkets that they see as a threat to their sales success. Some Stores do this by simply lowering prices. Others create promotions such as 3 for 2 on a product. The advantages of this strategy are that if you get the pricing correct then you could grow in popularity and maybe even gain customers from nearby supermarkets as well. ...read more.


as well, and is right in the middle of many other shops meaning that customers will find it easy to find and shop when they need to. These two ASDA and Waitrose are both positioned in busy and easy to find places and because of this, the distribution of goods and supplies is made easy and means that they have been more popular than other branches, which may be in hard to find and isolated places. Overall, location is very important towards a business's success and popularity. It can determine how much stock can be delivered, the size of the supermarket, and most importantly, the amount of customers that will visit depending on where it is situated. I personally think that both of these supermarkets are in ideal locations for what they do, but ASDA may have the upper hand here. I believe this because although Waitrose is also in a main road and is near other shops, ASDA is more recognisable due to its locality. It is near many other shops, there is not another supermarket near them and they are filling a niche market meaning that there is very little competition for customers. ...read more.

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