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Bletchley Park

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Bletchley Park Question 3 Source D is a description from one of the intelligence staff working in Hut 3 on the deciphering of the Enigma code. The source gives details of what their specific hut did. As this member of staff only worked in Hut 3, which dealt with the translation and indexing of the Enigma codes of the German air force, they were only one part of the whole process, and theirs was translation, This source does not really tell you about how Bletchley Park was able to crack the Enigma code. ...read more.


As this member of staff was only a translator, all he did was change the messages from German to English and index it, which was not really involved in decoding the messages. The decoding of the messages Hut 3 received happened all in Hut 6 where all the German Air Force messages were sent. Source E is a picture of a German Enigma machine used to encrypt the Axis messages. This shows us what the machine looked like to encrypt the message, but tells us nothing on how the messages were decrypted. ...read more.


Although we know that the machine helped intelligence staff, we do not actually learn anything about the decoding just from a picture of the Enigma machine. To conclude, neither source give us any detail into how the Enigma codes were decoded, but more into the factors which helped the process along. Source D is about translation of the codes, not decoding, and Source E is a photograph of the Enigma machine which helped the Bletchley Park staff find a way to decode the Enigma, but was not actually involved in the process. ...read more.

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