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Business BTEC

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Task 4 In this task, I have been asked to find out and explain all the different functional areas of both Tesco's and Heinz. Functional Areas and the Main Purpose within Tesco plc and Heinz Human Recourses The human resources department is responsible for all aspects of managing the people who work in a business. This department involves, being able to recruit new members to the business. Making new policies or reciting policies to employees so that they are aware of rules and regulation. Employees who do not stick to these rules will be dealt with. The human recourses department help with organises and helps staff with their training needs. They also monitor the working conditions of employees. Any important issues or need for a discussion would be organised by the Human Recourses department and discussed between the representatives of the workforce. They also ensure that health and safety considerations are enforced. Customer Service The customer services function is responsible for dealing with customer queries, complaints, solving problems and offering advice and support. This is important because without customers a business would not survive. ...read more.


Corporate Purchasing Tesco's has a system that tracks down every penny they have managed to save and they use it re-invest the money back into product quality and price cuts. The main reason for doing so is to help Tesco get cheaper. This is done by spending around �2.8 billion every year. Finance A finance team plays an important part of a business operation. This involves dealing with cash flow and budgeting and financial and management reporting. They compare accounts and prepare company reports. They also deal with company taxation and group reporting. Group Security & Loss Prevention Tesco's protects the company's assets, creating a safe and secure environment for customers and staff. Tesco's believes that prevention is better than cure. This is why they choose to put as much as they can into creating a crime catch out of their operations, and working closely with the local community to gain their trust. Information Technology Technology with Tesco's helps to bring customers closer to the experience of shopping. Through technology, Tesco's has delivery programs and many more through being able to trade on the internet and over the phone. ...read more.


You also need to have professional phone skills to deal with calling in customers or to call customers. Supply Chain/Supply Product To work in this department you: - Must demonstrate attention to detail - Must adhere to project timelines and deadlines - Knowledge of the six sigma problem solving methodology is a plus The department requires meeting deadlines including aims and objective. Analysing statistics is one of the main things the department does for everything to be in order. Commercial Department In this department, you work closely with Finance, Sales, and Trade Marketing to analyse, forecast, and report the funds the team use for consumer promotions. You have contact with other areas of the business which enabled you to get a much broader understanding of the way the other departments and the company as a whole operates. Research/Product Development Department By working with this department, you are involved in a number of roles which include: � Idea generation for new recipes/products. � Taking ideas through the development kitchen, pilot plant and factory stages. � Project management. � Research and Innovation. The work in the department is challenging. It involves both individual and teamwork to a complete a project or task. ...read more.

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