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BUSINESS CALCULATIONS PROJECT Title: CLASSROOM REDECORATION Buyrchiyeva Natalie Course: Business/ Retail Introduction The following is a business calculations assignment I have been asked to turn one of the existing classrooms into a conference room. I have been given a budget of 10000euro and asked to fit the conference room with carpets or wooden floors. The walls are to be painted or wallpapered and the windows require a new blind or curtains A conference table with twelve chairs is also needed. I have also been asked to buy three accessories for the room e.g. plants, pictures. The room before decoration The conference room Measurements Painting Height of the wall - 2,62 m Area of the wall (1) - 21,22 sq.m ( 8.1 m x 2.62 m) Area of the wall (2) - 18.71 sq.m (7.14 m x 2.62 m) Area of the blackboard wall - 12.52 sq.m (4.78 m x 2.62 m) Area of the window wall - 12.52 sq.m (4.78 m x 2.62 m) Area of the blackboard - 3.06 sq.m (1.24 m x 2.47 m) Area of the blackboard wall without area of the blackboard - 9.46 sq.m (12.52 m2 - 3.06 m2) ...read more.


Online shopping: Email: sales@officedesks.ie Price: �1395.00 (+ 21% Tax) Tax (where applicable) = �292.95 Total = �1687.95 Payment method: VISA, AMERICAN EXPRESS, MASTER CARD High Back Leather Executive Seating Pack Weight: 13.1 kg Pack Dimensions: 280x650x580 mm Delivery may take 7 days. Price: Save more by buying 10 Units @ � 96.99 per unit. Total: � 1163.88 Accessories Plants Dracaena Marginata Branched Price: �29.65 each Total price: �59.30 Pictures The Reef Wall(tm) Wall Art. Size: 130cmx2.50 Price: �253.00 Blind and Curtain Charisma Eyelet 'Charisma' is a show stopping curtain with dramatic colours mixed and a bold design that will give any room a warm and modern feel. It is fully lined and easy to hang. Size: 46''(w) x 72''(h) 117cm(w) x 183cm(h) Colour: Chocolate Price: � 109.00 TiltTurn - Venetian - Aluminium Wood Effect Size: 120cm x120cm Colour: White Price: � 21.00 Peggy Griffin Interiors Wood Vertical Blinds Premium Samba Colour: Mink/Cream Price: �184.00 (including fitting) Calculations Painting (5L+5L) (�48.99 + �48.99) Total: �97.98 Flooring (40m) (1m - �35.48) Total: �1419.20 Furniture Chairs (�96.99x12) Total: �1163.88 Conference table Total: �1687.95 Accessories Pictures Total: �253.00 Plants (�29.65 + �29.65) ...read more.


This is conference table very comfortable and nice. I have spent for a table �1687.95. The twelve chairs I also found in the Internet. Website: hunt office.ie. Total price �1163.88 I have found one picture and two plants In B&Q. These pictures will look good in the conference room and I think this kind of plants is suitable just for office or a conference room. I have spend for a pictures �253.00 and for the plants (�29.65+�29.65) �59.30 In two various shops ("Harry Corry" and "Peggy Griffin Interiors") I had blind or curtain. I have chosen a Vertical Blinds. It's expensive but very good quality. I spent �184.00 (including fitting) During the research in presented shops, main suppliers of however in town was made spectrum of products and prices. I made choice of few products with are in good quality and fundable price. In every shop by lovely staff was introduced in presented materials for the flooring, painting, decoration and furniture. They will by all means find the item you are looking for or offer something similar. They will also detailed answers to all your questions and quarries. Even on-line shops have their customer service section where you can give your opinions, concerns and suggestions. Having �10000 in my budget I have only spent around 50% of this amount. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Business, Companies and Organisation, Activity section.

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