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Business Competition

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Competition Competition is another business provides similar products and/or services. The competitors can be local, national or even international. Sometimes they will also be on the internet with out any shops. The competitors don't just sell exactly the same things. For example HMV's competitors aren't just other music stores but they are also other shops like Tesco, Sainsbury's, etc. The competitors will compete for the customers to try and create more revenue. The main thing that they usually compete with is the price. They will lower prices so customers buy from them rather than other shops. Nike Golf Callaway Golf They are an international competitor; this means that they sell products all over the world. They are a competitor to Nike golf because they sell similar products and services. Some of the products that they sell are gloves, clothes, clubs, bags, etc. They don't have a store because they sell all their products to retailers or sell their products over the internet on their website. They target all types of people juniors, Ladies and Men. They key competitive differences to Nike golf are that they sell more professional and expensive products. American Golf They are a national competitor because they sell products to the whole of the UK. ...read more.


They are in the same town. They are a competitor because they sell the same products and services. They sell golf accessories and clubs in the pro shop. Also they do such services the same as buckets of balls on the driving range, the pitch and putt, and lessons. They target all ages mostly older people but a lot of children attend to group lessons. Were they meet and make new golf friends. They attract people who are new to golf because they have effective cheap lessons and easy facilities for new golfers. From Ashford follow A28 towards Tenterden, turn right at the roundabout by Matalan store, signposted Great Chart. Take the first right as you enter the village (Ninn Lane). Follow this lane for a mile and a half, (look for the Bear signs), round a sharp right hand bend and the complex is on the left. St Andrews Golf Club St Andrews is a national competitor. A national competitor is a business located in the United Kingdom. They are a competitor because they offer the same services. The services they provide are green fees to the golf club. These are very expensive; they also offer golf clubs and accessories for sale. ...read more.


They target all ages and have connection with Homewood school to attract youngsters. People at Homewood get green fees, and pitch and putt free but the driving range is �1 off. Nike golf can be affected by many changes that Nike's competitors make. For example if they change their prices, Open a new store, start a big promotional campaign and more. If a competitor of Nike golf changed there prices Nike golf would be affected badly. In retaliation Nike golf could lower their prices too, which will stop the customers going to the competitors which would lose revenue if they did. If a competitor of Nike golf opened a new store this would affect Nike golf and they may lose revenue depending on the prices of the new store. To retaliate they could have a sale and lower their prices or even do some offers such as buy one get one free or 3 for the price of 2. This would work because the customers will buy products from Nike because the prices will be cheap and they are saving money. If a competitor started a new advertising campaign this would affect Nike golf because the customers will buy products from the competitors who will decrease Nikes revenue. To retaliate they could have a big promotion which is better than Nike's competitors and the products are cheaper, but they are still making a reasonable profit. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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