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Business coursework- comparing the operations, aims and objectives of Tescos and Sejuice juice bar

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Contents Page Strand A..... PG 3-10 Strand B...... PG 10-19 Strand C...... PG 19-27 Strand D....... PG 27-34 GCSE Applied Business Studies Unit 1 - Investigating Business Studies Strand A Introduction - Tesco Tesco is a very large and successful supermarket all over the U.K. It has many branches and was first found in the year 1919 in the east part of London by Jack Cohen. It has got varieties of branches in different parts of the U.K.; however the head office is in chesterfield. Tesco became one of the world's fourth largest retailers in the year 2008. Originally Tesco used to only specialise their products in food and drink. It has know expanded their business by selling more varieties of products such as; clothing, insurance, mobile phones, renting and buying DVD's , dental plans, financial services , internet services, software's and much more. Tesco Logo Introduction - Sejuice So far, Sejuice has been one of the most successful Smoothie bars in Brighton (United Kingdom). It just doesn't specialise their products in smoothies, however they now also do products such as; homemade soups, sandwiches wraps, snacks, deserts and much more. Also the location of Sejuice is an advantage because the Tourism rates are high in Brighton and because of its climate so it has an advantage to them which can lead them making more profit, so it is an economic benefit. Aims & Objectives An aim is what a business wants to do and how it wants to do it. The aims of a business can include providing goods or services, making a profit, expanding the business, maximising sales, being environmentally friendly, surviving as a business and providing charitable or voluntary services. Objectives are targets which the business will set itself in order to check that it is progressing and achieving its aims. Business objectives can include, selling more of a product than a competitor, providing more goods or services than in the previous year, providing knew goods and services and improving a product. ...read more.


Adverts Advantages are that it tells people about their new products and offers on TV. The disadvantages are that they could be saying bad stuff about other retailers or other retailers would make their adverts based on their offers but improved creating a competition between themselves loosing profits as a result. E-mail The advantages are that it is quicker to send word documents and chat to each other than going up to each other and talking and giving in documents. The disadvantages are that if you reply in a negative way as sense of humor, the person reading the email would be hurt and will complain and make it into an issue. Face to Face You can talk to each other and say sarcastic comments and not make the person who you are talking to hurt because they can see what type of body language you are using. The disadvantages are that you're wasting your time talking to the person Face To Face when you can do it by E-mail or by phone. When do Tesco use each type of communication - the advantages and the disadvantages? Internal communication - Verbal communication - Interviews with other members of staff meetings Advantages Get to know people 2 way conversations Understand the meanings better though non verbal body language. Disadvantages Time consuming Face to face - - meetings and discussions across different functions Telephone - Tesco's will have is internal telephone system across function where they can discuss issues. Advantages: its quick, two way conversation, cheap but no body language. Mobile phone - mobile phones are used by manages at certain times to contact people quickly. Voice mail - when someone is not answering you can leave a message Email Written communication 1. email Send emails through the internet Send messages across different departments Send attachments contained word documents of financial information via spreadsheets. 2. Memo Could be used in staff room notice board, attachment to an invoice across the department. ...read more.


Tesco bags will help because when they end-up in landfills, filling up countryside eventually they will rot so it will not be filling up the countryside with lots of Tesco plastic bags and because of that more people might shop at Tesco. Air pollution Tesco's Lorries causes (Air pollution) all these fuels and all the cars that come cause fumes aswell which is led to air pollution. Solution Getting bigger Lorries so less number of Lorries are being used therefore it will decrease the number of Lorries which will mean less air is being polluted. Noise Pollution Tesco Lorries cause noise pollution. Because of the amount of Lorries being used so we need to use less Lorries to stop noise and air pollution. Solution Use less Lorries in Tesco Factory and at their stores by getting bigger Lorries to fit more food in then there would be fewer journeys. This would help the environment by not using a lot of Lorries which will mean they will not need more fuel which will not affect the environment hugely than before. Economic Issues Credit Crunch - Credit crunch is a term used to describe a sudden decrease in the general available of loans (or "credit"), or a sudden increase in the cost of getting loans from the banks. House Pricing - house price are falling because no -one is purchasing the houses at such high price because they can't afford it. This affects the housing market by if no-one is buying houses they won't be making profit. The solution is they are reducing house prices so more people will buy them. Inflation - petrol prices have gone up (because of oil price increase), bread, rice, milk etc. All this affect Tesco by regular middle- income people will not be able to afford shopping Tesco because of prices are increasing, credit crunch, decrease in loans being loaned out, therefore people will have less money and their will be a decrease to Tesco's profits leading them to having less money. ?? ?? ?? ?? Omar Farooq 1103 Business Studies 34 | Page ...read more.

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