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Bussiness types - Oxfam:charity

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Charities Oxfam A Charity is a foundation created to promote the public good. It doesn't keep profit, but to expand. It relies on money given from the public voluntarily, it is a non-profit organisation. A charity is all about fundraising and giving to causes, it is a type of business because it does make profit, which is given to charitable causes. Many companies/people set up charities because they may want to promote and encourage a cause that may need money. The people behind the organisation may only set up the charity, investing it towards its continuity but not to gain profit. ...read more.


The main purpose of this business is to collect as much profited money from the public which is then used by them to help aid the charitable causes. Oxfam GB, member of Oxfam International, have many charity shops that usually sell, at a cost, unwanted, used items given to them from various sources. All the Profit gained from the shops also go towards the charities purpose in helping poverty and injustice. Oxfam has approx 5,995 employees worldwide and has near to 15,000 shops worldwide. In 2008, the total income was 299.7 million, Oxfam GB worked with over 20,000 volunteers in shops across the UK, raising �17.1 million for Oxfam's programme work. ...read more.


There are several aims and objectives of Oxfam organisation which is quite famous at supporting the people who are in need all around the world, whether Asia or Africa and so on. One of this organisations aim is to "support children who are in need weather it is providing food or give them an education'' other works include Climate change, Conflict and natural disasters, Health, Education, Debt and aid, Gender equality, The right to be heard, Trade, Private sector, Poverty in the UK and Global economic crisis. Oxfam offers a service, provides aids to emergency causes for free, and sells unwanted items to the public at a cost to make a profit; it would operate in the tertiary sector. ?? ?? ?? ?? Unit one BussinesPurposes charity ...read more.

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