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Communications - In this report I will be investigating the different ways in which the school communicate internally and externally.

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GCSE Business Studies Coursework: Communications Business Coursework: Communications To:Headteacher From: Date: 15-06-09 Subject: Communication in school In this report I will be investigating the different ways in which the school communicate internally and externally. Internal communication refers to how the school communicate with teachers and staff, external communication referring to how the school communicate with parents and carers. Mr Lantos, the head teacher at Preston Manor is trying to improve communication across the school. In this report I will look at how communication works within the school and I will outline the current methods being used, I should also look at ways to try and improve the current procedures being used. Preston Manor at the moment has their own aims and objectives. An aim is something you want to achieve although an objective is something you do in order to help achieve the aim. The schools aim is for the school to achieve as highly as possible and to achieve their full potential both academically and non-academically, for example by sports, drama etc. The objectives on the other hand which the school could meet are to make the school experience memorable by providing a wide range of experiences and opportunities for a greater chance of success. They also celebrate the multi-cultural nature of the school. So by the school providing all these different experiences they are ensuring that pupils achieving their full potential because they have these extra experiences which range from things such as extra sports, music, special events etc for them to participate in. Now I will draw an organisational chart to show the chain of command from Mr. Lantos to our business teacher: An organisational chart is a chart showing several layers of responsibility. The people higher up the hierarchy have more responsibilities than lower down. From the organisational chart above you can see that Mr Lantos has the span of control as two, however when you look at the Head of Department you can see that he/she has the span of control as five. ...read more.


This does show that the school could try and improve their electronic method of communicating by websites. To conclude I think that overall the schools method of communicating with parents is good, although the school must try harder to reply to the parents and carers because it would then lead to more satisfied people. One on hand the school would know that they are doing their doing their jobs well by communicating efficiently; on the other hand parents and carers know that they are being heard of, showing that there is a two way method of communication between the school and parents/ carers. How the school Communicate with Staff within the school Type Method Context Advantages /Disadvantages Written Memos Payslips Letters End of term arrangements Detailed wages for the month Giving staff urgent or current information Advantages: Short and to the point Disadvantages: Can get lost Advantages: So you know how much you're paid, how much is deducted etc. Advantages: Can provide a permanent record Disadvantages: Slower than other methods Oral/ Verbal Briefing Department meetings Interviews Gives staff current/ urgent information Weekly information For promotion Advantages: Quick and straight to the point Disadvantages: Some people may not be listening Advantages: Body language can be read Electronic E-Mail Circular to all staff informing of staff inset Advantages: Can send to a lot of people at once Disadvantages: Recipient needs to check email regularly Communication amongst Staff around the School - Internal Communication It is very important to have good staff communication. This is because staff need to be regularly updated on information that is very important about the school, the students and themselves. This means that staff must then go on and pass on messages to the students so they know of any changes, events etc that will affect them. Staff communicate with each other in various different ways; one method is through written communication. ...read more.


How could I have improved my coursework? I could have improved my planning and organisation by keeping up to date with all my work and making sure things were completed on time. The strengths in my planning were that I got on with the report in my own time and worked well as an individual, I also want to say that I was able to give my work to the teacher on time which benefited me because I was able to see which areas I was weak in and needed to work on, in addition by giving my report in several times I was able to continuously improve my work. Whilst my weaknesses were things such as not being able to expand on information that I was putting into my report. I dealt with this weakness as I went back and adapted sentences which made them a lot better and I also tried using things I wrote and tried linking them with the whole point of my report. I could have improved my research by interviewing more than one teacher as I said above. Also I could have asked the teacher a question below question 3 which would have read 'Why do you chose these methods to communicate?', if I had asked this question I would have seen the reasons for the use of these certain methods and what advantages they held for the teaching staff. Furthermore a question like 'Why do you not use these other method of communication?' would have helped my research as I would have been told the disadvantages that the teachers have with the methods they don't use. If I had these disadvantages I would have been able to make more specific suggestion which would have improved communication even more. The problems I experienced were with gathering information, it was hard to get parents views on the school because they didn't really know what to say, but I overcame these problems by working with what I had and using it in the best possible way I could. ...read more.

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