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Community South Medical Center has an excellent reputation in providing medical assistance to society. In order to retain that reputation there is certainly a need of proper strategy planning for the organization.

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Medical Center Success Strategy Introduction The case is about a Community Couth Medical Center which requires handling its operational issues to retain its reputation that it has established in the past. In the long run if the issues sustains the medical centre bottom line may be impacted. The purpose of this case is to know when and how we should implement a situational Planning Strategy. Case study Community Couth Medical Center which is situated in urban area has a very positive bottom line with a satisfied customer. The medical center is striving to enhance health services for the population it serves. The organization has an excellent reputation in the city and has been recognized with Baldrige Center of Excellence evaluation and JCAHO for their quality of service. Issue Community Couth Medical Center is facing a couple of issues such as shortage of clinical staff, registered nurses, non interfacing information technology systems, respiratory therapists and medical technologists, a proper antiquated facilities and Infrastructure. ...read more.


The strategic management team should address the operation issues such as lack of skilled employee's i.e. clinical staff, respiratory therapists and medical technologists. Apart from this the organization is also facing antiquated facilities and infrastructure along with non-interfacing information technology systems if these areas are improved than definitely the JCAHO will improve along with service of the medical centre. As there is a shortage of registered nurses, the medical centre may also think for establishing a training institute so that they don't face any shortage of clinical staff and nurses. There has been a shift in the structure of the city as businesses with good paying jobs have been gradually moving out of the area and the urban area being replaced with small shops and other small business organizations. The hospital is also located in the urban area where the maximum trend is that of an aging population. ...read more.


On the weakness side the hospital is facing skilled employee's crunch along with non-interfacing information technology system and infrastructure facilities. In the years to come the organization has a huge potential growth. As the maximum aging population is staying in that area so they can assume that most of the people will be coming down to their hospital for their treatment. Thus this is the area were lies the opportunity. Conclusion All the issues confronting Community South Medical Center is correlated to each other. In order to be the market leader with excellence service the hospital needs to address its issues. If the issues are resolved it will impact the bottom line of the hospital along with satisfied customer. The overall growth of the Medical center largely depends on the service. A yearly review of the strategy can be done to check how the growth of the organization has been. ...read more.

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