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E-Commerce Entities

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E-Commerce Entities Existing Retailers: Existing Retailers are businesses that exist on the high street and have expanded their business onto the internet, so that they can increase the amount of customers and profits that they already have. Tesco is a very common example of an existing retailer, as they made their brand name powerful and popular on the high street, and from there they expanded to the internet. Tesco's purpose as an existing retailer in the private sector is to expand their business and gain more customers, making them a much more profitable company. Tesco is able to do that due to its strengths, as they have a very popular and powerful name on the high street which offers customers high quality products and services at an affordable price. Another strength that helps Tesco become a profitable business is its ability to launch new products and services, e.g. Tesco's club card which attracts customers to shop in their stores more often. Tesco's web site is really simple and easy to navigate on, as all of its products and services are labelled and named separately from each other. However in my opinion, the web site could have some added sound to help people with any visual disabilities, so that when people roll their mouse on something the web site would tell them where they are. ...read more.


Amazon uses its strengths to help it achieve its goals, e.g. many people shop online with Amazon as they know it is a trustworthy web site, also Amazon has very high standards and very few customers either complain or are disappointed with their goods from Amazon. Amazon also delivers its goods really fast, and as an e-tailer, offers a "24-7" service to its customers. Amazon's web site is also really simple and easy to navigate on, as it looks very clear and professional and it also has a task bar on the left hand corner which helps users to find what they are looking for. Even if they are no able to see it, there is a search bar to help them find what they are after. However the only thing, in my opinion, that would need to be changed or reduced is the amount of writing and advertising that there is on the home page. As users may be confused as to which one to look at first, or which one they should click on and etc. Screenshots: This is Amazon's home page, its structure is very simple and easy to use, even though there are many hyperlinks and adverts on it. ...read more.


Its buttons and its layout are also very entertaining, and they make the web site really simple to use. However, some people may prefer a more professional look, and E-bay may also need to cut down some of the adverts on its main page, as some people may get slightly confused as to where they should be navigating to. Screenshots: This is E-bay's home page, as well as the other web sites it is also simple to use. However if you are not familiar with it may be slightly confusing at first, due to the numerous adverts that there are on the home page. This screenshot shows E-bay's task bar on the right hand corner, which helps customers select what they want to do. It also shows its search bar, so that customers can check the availability of products. This one page allows you buy an item on E-bay through guest checkout, even though you are not signed up. Here this asks for your details, e.g. address, phone, e-mails and etc. One of the special features that E-bay has is its sellers' feedbacks, which allows buyers to know whether the seller can be trusted or not. And it also lets buyers read what people have written about the sellers. ?? ?? ?? ?? Matheus Vila Real Unit 34 Gary Haynes ...read more.

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