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Explain how oral communications are or can be used in business situations. Use business examples to demonstrate your answer.

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Jo?el Padayachee-10G1 Business Btec- M1 Q.Explain how oral communications are or can be used in business situations. Use business examples to demonstrate your answer. In language itself the spoken language is primary language and the written language is secondary language. There are thousands of languages in the world. Many of them are spoken and written. Some of them are only spoken but not written. But there is no language that is only written but not spoken. Oral communication is constantly and continually employed by an individual in the familial and social environments. Oral communication has also its vital role in business situations. Oral communication in business has a variety of purposes. ...read more.


Presentations may include some dialog after the sender of the message has finished their speech, but they are, by and large, much more monologue reliant. This makes it important for the speaker to anticipate possible objections to the message and address them in the actual speech. Example2: Client interaction Another form of oral communication in business encompasses interaction with clients. Depending on the level of connection between the employee and the client, the communication in these interactions can range from incredibly formal to informal and casual. These interactions usually include a combination of data and analysis, and will be more persuasive than informative in nature, as the employee is trying to encourage continued and expanded business with the client. ...read more.


However, there are advantages to why oral communication is used more frequently. Oral communication is time saving. When quick action is required oral communication is resorted to. Writing again and again is a time consuming process. Oral communication is less resource consuming. It saves time, energy, material and money. Oral communication provides instantaneous feedback. The speaker will know the reaction / response of the receiver. But oral communication isn?t always as effective as it may seem, there are disadvantages to it. Misunderstandings are possible if the sender and receiver do not share the same perception. Misquoting and imprecise reporting may lead to undesirable consequences in certain situations. Oral communication depends on the receiver?s listening skill. If the listener is not proactive, the communication exercise fails. ...read more.

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