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Explain why marketing is "everybody's business". Use examples from the tourism industry to explain your answer.

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Explain why marketing is "everybody's business". Use examples from the tourism industry to explain your answer. As defined by Kotler and Armstrong (1994) marketing is "a social process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging products and value with others". Marketing is an extensive topic. Primarily when we consider what is marketing we think about the advertising, publicity and selling of a product or service. In actual fact the prime concern of marketing is customers, and the establishment and growth of relationships between organisations and consumers. It consists of studying the wants and needs of the customers and how to make the perfect product which is priced, promoted and distributed in the right place to make it successful and fulfilling. It is vital for marketers to understand the wants and needs of consumers to ensure their marketing activities fulfil these. Initially they have to assert themselves with the fact that the human being has needs, these include the basic needs such as food, water, shelter, and clothing, social needs such as belonging and affection, and then individual needs of knowledge and self expression. Marketers need to ensure that they always meet these needs as they are set in our human makeup. A human without these needs being met will not be satisfied and will not want or demand other products. ...read more.


Finally a technological factor affecting a theme park could be the introduction of new faster rides. Internal factors are analysed in the SWOT analysis, which looks at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the organisation. Again looking at my example of a theme park, a strength could be that it has all the new up to date rides which make it desirable to visit, a weakness could be bad publicity, for example at Thorpe Park a young boy died on one of their rides, which created an unsafe image of the park and its rides. An opportunity that marketers might recognise could be to extend the theme park, making the site larger and therefore making more room for the thrilling rides they offer. Threats could be from other theme parks, for example say the theme park in question was Alton Towers, and it has the threat of Drayton Manor in terms of competing for customers. Both PEST and SWOT analysis is vital in the marketing planning process and will affect decisions on marketing activities. After carrying out PEST and SWOT analysis, the marketing division of an organisation would create a marketing strategy. This would contain their objectives and strategies in terms of what services do they want to provide to what markets? ...read more.


The media is filled with marketing activities, as organisations push to sell their products in newspapers, magazines, on television and radio. The media also promotes and markets holiday destinations on television shows such as "Wish you were here" and "Holiday". Therefore even when we read a newspaper, a product or service is being marketed at us from beneath the surface. Marketing sets out to capture us, through advertising and the other methods that organisations use such as market research in order to entice us to use their product, go on their holiday or make the most of that service they offer us. We are subjected to it through our day to day routines, it is everybody's business because everything we do relates to marketing, when we use a suntan lotion on holiday, we are targets of marketing, and because it is likely we bought that certain product because of the way it was marketed when we were at home. Everything we buy and do, especially in leisure and tourism is a result of the influence of marketing. However it is important to remember that without customers, then there would be no reason for an organisation to exist and market their goods. Therefore our demand and desires could be argued to be the cause of existence of marketing. Word Count - 2,294 Reference Kotler, P. (1994) Marketing Management, p.6. ?? ?? ?? ?? Laura Gray Services Marketing BATM 1 ...read more.

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