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Functional Areas

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Functional Areas & Their Main Purposes Every organisation made up of more than one person will need some form of organisational structure. An organisational chart shows all the ways a chain of command works within the organisation. The main purpose of having functional areas is to ensure that all important business activities are carried out effectively. This is essential if the business is to achieve its aims and objectives. In addition, specific areas will be responsible for supporting specific types of aims and objectives, for example; * Sales and Marketing will be involved in achieving targets linked to developing new markets or increasing sales. * Human Resources will be involved in arranging staff training activities and supporting the continuous professional development of all staff. Interaction of Functional Areas Sainsbury's Departments Pharmacy Manager This will mean using knowledge to provide customers with professional healthcare advice, as well as leading, coaching, developing and motivating your own team of pharmacists and pharmacy assistants. As well as pharmaceutical knowledge, you'll need to be able to get the best out of people in a busy, fast moving environment where they are expected to cope with a huge variety of customer issues. ...read more.


The second, including Treasury and Audit, looks after business-wide operational and well-planned finance issues and is responsible for looking at the financial 'big picture' for Sainsbury's. Central Retail The division aids the supermarkets, to make them as profitable as possible. There are a range of teams within the division; Profit Protection is in charge of preventing fraud and shoplifting. The Risk and Commercial team looks at the methods that could reduce the risks to the business, whilst Planning and Response puts plans in place to respond to seasonal demand and special occasions e.g. starting to think of Christmas offers before the summer holidays. The Simple Processes team is responsible for improving efficiency and eliminating duplication, thus making large savings Administration & Executive Support They are a critical part of the business that supports the vision to make Sainsbury's Great Again. They aspire to offer services to customers by doing their best at all times. This team also provides a range of administrative and secretarial support to teams across the business; to maintain the business running smoothly. ...read more.


Communication is vital for the finance department, to enable them to confirm that all the figures they have produced are correct. If the figures they have given coming in and going out of the business are incorrect this could result in the performance of the business, as the decisions being made would be wrong, overall affecting the future of the business. Human Resources Human resources are responsible for employing staff into the business and training them. They also have to make sure their employees get their wages and are responsible for managing and disciplining individuals within the business. When they're dealing with individuals, trade unions and management they must organise face to face meetings, as this is the most effective way because it allows them to build strong relationships and also allows trust to be developed. They are also put in place to make an open and honest forum which other methods of communication don't offer e.g. e-mail and telephone. Within the Corus business the HR advisor is responsible employee relations and looking after the logistics team and central functions within the company. ...read more.

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